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Olivia Renfro   

User's reviews

  • Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe


    Two days ago I paid my first visit to the Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe. I never thought a tea Shoppe could make me feel how wonderful I felt. The second I saw the place I took a gasp at the preciously warm display of it all. That’s the thing though; it didn’t look like a display. It had such realness living on it. Opening the entrance gate and walking onto the path, the luscious grass and the soothing colors of the relaxed flowers made me feel so comfortable and welcome. The path leads to a porch with a variety of decorations. I was so drawn in! As I reached the entrance of the cottage, a sweet blueberry muffin dough fragrance fancied my nose. It never left, and I loved it. I felt my eyeballs grow to the size of jaw breakers in awe of this magical surprise. Each and every square inch of this cottage was unique. Each room had its own theme. I walked into my room and an instant smile grew to the highest parts of my cheeks. There were dolls on the shelves and hutches. The room I was in was called the “Rose Room.” The whole set up made me feel like a little girl having the highest class tea party she could never dream of because of its originality and pristine perfection. I felt as if a thousand butterflies were fluttering throughout the room fanning me, keeping me at the perfect cool temperature. When I sat down, I felt so proper like a beautiful queen. I was sitting in baby bears “just right” chair. As I sat down, it happened again: I became flushed with complete awe. The way everything was so delicately and pristinely placed on the table; from the table cloth to the tiers of plates like cakes, topped off with the elegant tea cup, it was all just so heartwarming. There were neat little knick knacks all over the room that my eyes wouldn’t stop taking a walk to see. Every wonderfully designed snippet of this cottage took my breath away. Dawn Kiki has a touch of pure honey with everything she touches. When you visit the place, you’ll experience the sweetness for yourself. The sweetness of the design, that is. The sweetness of the food and tea? Now that’s a whole different book. I simply cannot put my finger on the right words to describe the tastes my buds experienced that afternoon. With my group of gals I went with, we decided to eat our food from the bottom tier and work our way up. First off, let me just say the display of that thing! My goodness, I’ve never seen such delicacy of treats! Laura Henegar was the chef of this mastery I hear. I would like her to know that the amount of time, effort and creativity she put into these absolutely incredible hand-crafted snacks put my already through-the-roof outing here, clear to the clouds. The light scrumptious individuality each food item possessed kept my salivating cheeks wanting more after every single bite. My personal favorite was the toasted parmesan artichoke bread. I could have eaten the whole plate without a doubt. Ooh, I was also enraptured with the perfect flavors of that amazing scone. It was the perfect amount of moist, and the berry jam and whipped cream spread across that thing was pure gold. Also, the precious baby vanilla bean cupcake with my favorite, a raspberry on top, was to die for. All of the other treats were heavenly as well. Lastly: the elegant tea. I was poured a glass of iced peaches and cream flavored tea. It was sweet and delectable to say the least. I normally don’t drink a lot of tea, but the way it was presented here had me sold completely. Like the quote on the wall says, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the ceremony known as Afternoon Tea.” At least I’m pretty sure that was in there somewhere, above an entrance to one of the rooms on the main floor I believe. If not, it still rings lovely in my ears. Shoving the last bits of food in my mouth and finishing my last cup of tea, I was saddened to leave. I will be returning many times, that’s for sure. Lastly, Melanie Lenhart, your service was so sweet and so wonderful! Finding out you were just volunteering was amazing! On the whole, Brambleberry Cottage & Tea Shoppe was the most splendid experience I’ve ever had. Dawn, Laura, and Melanie: my sincerest thank you. It was a pleasure and thank you for taking care of me and my lovely friends so warm and kindly. Dawn and Laura: you were both extremely blessed with a gift of beauty and talent.

    Tearoom response:

    Thank you Olivia, your review is very kind. We are thrilled that you were so pleased with your experience! We really enjoyed having you for tea and look forward to you visiting us again.