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  • High Tea Cottage


    My lady friend really wanted me to go have tea, I always imagined this to be a girl thing so always found excuses but her birthday came and she wouldn't take no for an answer, the more I suggested other options the more she wouldn't change her mind so reluctantly I took her to tea. As we are Vegans I decided to eat before going and had already decided this would be one experience I would not enjoy, still I had to make her happy. Much to my surprise, this turned out to be an experience I will not forget! The inside of the tea shop is warm and inviting, not frilly as I expected. When I told our butler 'we are vegans' I was ready for a problem or 2, 'not a problem' she said, we ordered the Traditional Teatime and waited for our hot tea to be served. The tea was great, I still can't believe tea can taste so good. When our sandwiches came, here was a full plate of the most delicious looking things and they tasted really, NO REALLY great! Pineapple with figs, tomato and cranberry, cucumber and banana, I've never had a banana sandwich before. They were absolutely this whats tea is about, I settled back listening to Rod Stewart serenade us, sipping a delicate brew and now wishing I hadn't eaten before coming! The scones came on a cart with jams and we were given a vegetable spread insted of the traditional cream, I though for sure they would have difficulties with the sweets but we received a beautiful plate of chocolate cups with tropical fruit compote, lemon tarts and shortbreads all vegan, I am delighted to say this was an afternoon I certinaly didn't expect and it has become a highlight of our great things to do together. We have been back since to have lunch and we both had the most amazing salads with fresh fruits, candied pecans and walnuts, apricot and steamed baby beets. The food here is presented well and taste as delicious as it looks. This is definitely a place where a guy can take a date and they definitely go all out to accommodate vegans. Highly recommend 5 stars all the way!