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User's reviews

  • Vintage Tea Leaf


    My friends and I went to tea there today and I haven’t been there in years simply because of the unfriendly attitude that the owner Beverly seems to have with her customers. I think someone needs to remind her that we are paying to have tea there she isn’t paying us to enjoy the ambiance of the tea experience. My friend was moving out of state and she wanted to go there one last time, it certainly wasn’t they way she envisioned her tea day to be on Saturday. The scones where ok the devonshire cream and lemon curd was a huge disappointment. The lemon curd didn’t seem to have a tart distinctive flavor (it was hard and jellied in the container that it was served in) and the devonshire cream was lacking in texture. I decided to try the , cucumber & herbed cream cheese on white, orange, mango chutney & parsley cream cheese on white, artichoke, white truffle oil, chive& cream cheese on croissant, (the fingers sandwiches where tasteless and undesirable. She uses cheap white bread and the fillings seems to all taste the same there wasn’t a distinction. Vintage Chicken Fruited Salad (the lettuce was wilted) and the dessert was a very small average piece of bundt cake. When the check arrived I was given a total amount to be paid, it wasn’t itemized I would like to have know what I was paying for. • • My 8 year old son, joined us and he selected a tea cup just to have one in front of him so he could be like the others at the table. He wasn’t planning to use it, he ordered ice team. Beverly came swooping over to the table to inform us immediately that he couldn’t use the cup for the tea, that it would cause a crack in the cup (not at the moment you use it but in time). I think she should have taken into consideration that she was speaking to a 8 year old child and she didn’t have to project her voice and use such a stern tone with him. Perhaps, she should have asked before giving her directive to my son. I have been to many tea locations and I feel that the Vintage Tea Leaf is very overpriced for what they offer their customer. I recall Beverly telling me once when I first started going to tea at place that she had fond memories of her grandmother taking her to tea, perhaps she should reflect back on her memories and want to have customers to have the same type of fond memories.

  • Barbara's Victorian Teahouse and Boutique


    visited Barbara's Victorian Teahouse on Sunday for the first time. It was delightful! Barbara is very friendly and accommodating to your needs. Her daughters did a wonderful job serving. The Victorian house is decorated so cute and you just don't want to leave. The sandwiches, tea and sweets where wonderful! I can't wait to go back again. I drove 110 miles r.t. to go there and I wouldn't hesitate to do again. I can't wait to go back and wonder around the house and have a great tea experince.