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R. Richards   

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  • Vintage Tea Leaf


    I TRULY wanted to love my tea experience here! But thanks to the owner and her lack of PR etiquette it was a horrible experience. From the time we were seated (tucked away in a space around the corner where you could not enjoy the ambiance, and where another party was already seated, DESPITE practically the whole 'main' part of the restaurant being open) we felt like we were homeless people walking into the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills wanting to be served. Nothing about the owner, Beverly was welcoming. She was snippy and rushed us through our order. When we had questions about the menu she curtly answered back impatiently, when I asked to explain the sandwiches she condescendingly quipped, 'They're triangles! They're TEA sandwiches'. I was embarrassed! What Ms. Beverly doesn't know is that I've taken tea at all the most famous tea venues in the world. I knew what tea sandwiches were! She must have sensed my growing dissatisfaction because she eventually explained away her attitude saying that she was distracted because '100 of the most important people in the tea industry are coming to MY tea house at 6pm!'. Okay, fair enough...but, In my opinion that was NO reason to treat other paying customers with such disdain and making us feel like we were a bother. IF this event was so important to her, she should have closed down her restaurant for the day. What could she possibly have gained from those extra few tea sales that would have made up for the stress she brought on to herself and then passed on to us, her paying customers. in the end, even more disappointing than the owner (I've endured rude service before, for the honor of sitting in some very famous places)was the food which was adequate. Stale sandwiches, hard scones and unimpressive desserts. I certainly hope this wasn't the food she was hoping to serve those '100 important people'. Sadly, I was hoping to find a regular tea spot without having to drive up to LA. Sadly i will never go back, or recommend this place to my 'tea' friends...all of whom host numerous tea functions each year.