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  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    I apologize to the tea room owner for again responding to this last response again! I can assure you I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THIS TEA ROOM.' While it may not have been taught in CULINERY SCHOOL' to come to the defense of other businessess because of competition....I am not close to this tea room at all and felt your review was silly. Again, if you want to drink lots of tea and do not want to wait on a server...why don't you ask for the Tea to be left on your table? I think you have other issues apparently and to write this much over my response to you, is a bit over the top! It is an honor to pour a guest their tea...I wasn't there and if the server had a piercing or whatever, I would not especially like that or let my servers dress like that. But please, don't imply THAT THIS IS THE OWNER OF THIS TEA ROOM because it is not! Like I said, you have so much opinions and have been to culinery really ought to open your own tea room in that area with a large sign too! Maybe this owner has enough repeat business...maybe she can't afford another sign....maybe she wants it to look quaint instead of commercial appearing...what ever....but just get over it and move on. But don't blame the owner for this review and response as she doesn't know me or responsible for it.

    Tearoom response:

    Apology accepted! For the record, we have NEVER had teenagers wearing jeans or with piercings working in my tearoom. It is my life's love to serve my guests here and it is my hope that they enjoy the time they spend with us...