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  • Paris In A Cup


    Cheryl, So, weird that my computer is blocked from this review sight now. I guess that is one way to keep customers from responding. I imagine this email will be blocked next. Wow, anyway this is in response to your email. It was clear that I was not “fine” with our earlier discussion. During that discussion I clearly told you that I felt you made the problem ours when one of your only solutions was that maybe someone will cancel and there will be more room and because you were the one who told my husband and friend it was ok to give the final count a couple days before. When the call was made (2 DAYS before as you requested, remember we cancelled the day before) that is when you told them that we couldn’t add a person. I have never personally heard this rule from other restaurants perhaps you should add that to your website. So it is clear. They did tell you during that conversation that we would be coming with 9. They were as surprised as I was to your response and concerned about what was going to happen regarding the party and they needed time to think about it. If you actually told my friend that the space she liked only held 8 people, then when you talked to my husband 4 weeks out and he told you there would be about 7 - 10 people you should have made the adjustment and made it clear to him. But you didn’t express concern you told him your restaurant holds about 48 people. Again who knows 4 - 5 weeks out who is going to make it to a party? I love that you are trying to pass blame to the other two people who were involved. My husband is big on details for things like this, and my friend has planned many parties herself. If you would like them to share their comments separately, just let me know. Cheryl you are the professional you should make sure that your restaurant details our clear to people. If you were getting sooo busy on that day YOU should have called us earlier to get that final count. That would have been the professional thing to do. When this reservation was made there were no other reservations on your books for that day. Now, you also say in this email that adding the extra chair was not going to be a big problem. When you and I talked you said it would be VERY tight. You said we would have to pass food down ourselves because there wouldn’t be room. I asked you what kind of tables you planned to use for this party. You said 4 two tops. Which means you can’t slide chairs down to give the people on the end more room. Between every chair are table legs. I asked you the table size. You said the length was about 24 inches. You wanted to put 3 adults and 3 plates with teacups at a table this size. You were not kidding when you said it would be tight. Simply, I wouldn’t do this to my friends or family. Should I have told one of my guests that they were uninvited to make it more convenient for you? Seriously? You are right about one thing I was disappointed. I was disappointed we had to reschedule everything so last minute. Now you did confess to my friend that you OVERBOOKED the room that day. And during our conversation your all over lack of concern made it clear to us all that we would be doing you a big favor by canceling our reservation, we did your other customers a favor that day too. You are welcome. Also, during our conversation I thanked you specifically for your time, not for your help, there was none. Cheryl, you know what happened. Hopefully, this will be a learning experience for you. It seems as though you are not treating all of your customers this way. But all of your customers should count, even if you do overbook and find yourself in a predicament. No worries, I had a wonderful time at my shower at the St. Regis. In fact, I enjoyed being able to sit at my table for much more than one and a half hours. Isn’t that your seating time limit? Don’t worry about me responding again, I am sure this email will be blocked as well. Obviously, you really don’t want to know how your customers feel unless it is “pretty”. C.M - I am sure the food is great and so is the atmosphere and the choice of tea is wonderful. That is why we wanted to go there, that is why we were disappointed. You don’t mention what part of the party you actually planned. It seem as though you are trying to compare apples to something not even fruit. I am also sure that if Cheryl puts her mind to it she can schedule reservations for a party. For us though, she failed.

    Tearoom response:

    Just a note, the person writing this review is not the person who made the original reservation. That being said, when the reservation was made, it was explained that the area chosen within the salon could only seat 8 people and they could not increase their number unless they moved else where. A day before the party we received the call that the number had indeed changed and was now 9. I reminded her of the original conversation with my manager and went on to expalin that we were completely booked. No extra seating anywhere. I was told they were coming anyway with 9 people.So I explained that it would be a liitle crowded, but we would be happy to accommodate them by making a table for 8 to fit 9. She seemed fine with this arrangement and thanked me. I later received a call from Robin saying she was very unhappy. Again it was explained. After that her husband called and cancelled. Being fully booked is truly a blessing, but can present a problem when changes are made at the last minute. I truly do regret that they were so unhappy, unfortunately it cannot be fixed.

    Thank you,

    Cheryl Turner, owner