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Bara Tenjo   

User's reviews

  • Lavender Lounge Tea Company


    On my way to San Diego, I stopped by San Clemente. I saw the Lavender Lounge, and decided to stop for tea. This tiny shop had a large variety of teas available. The only food they have are scones, and shortbread cookies. I ordered the 2 cup Pai Mu Tan tea, and the scone with all the fixings (lemon curd, jam, and clotted cream). The tea was well brewed, but... I have to say that the Pai Mu Tan tea was not fresh. It smelled and tasted musty. I do have high standards for my tea. And one of my basic pet peeves is tea that's musty (past their prime). The scone was served with 1 teaspoon of clotted cream, 1 teaspoon of jam, and 1 teaspoon of lemon curd. The scone was excellent, but their clotted cream tastes more like butter than cream (wrong texture). I was disappointed in the tea, and the clotted cream. The jam and lemon curd tasted great. Otherwise, the staff is very friendly and laid back atmosphere. The price was also high for such a small amount of food. It was $11.75 for a 2 cup teapot of tea, 1 scone, and the 3 teaspoons of fixing. The ratings on TeaMap doesn't include a rating for the Quality of Food and Tea. I would give 2 stars for the quality. I have had many afternoon teas, in many places. Guess their high rent location demands high prices for tiny portions.

    Tearoom response:

    2 cup personal pot of tea served with TLC, Imported Demerara Brown Sugar Cubes, Endless Soy or Milk, and your choice of imported estate tea or hand crafted (in-house) blend = $4.95 to $5.95.<BR> <BR> One 4 inch (sharable sized) scone, with imported clotted or devon cream from England, Marmalady's Jelly, AND lemon curd, presented with a lavender buttercream swirl and just a sprig of lavender and shake of powdered sugar = $5.25<BR> <BR> A customer that appreciates all that this takes to give to them this experience? = Priceless.<BR> <BR> I will buy your tea next time, a flight to try better teas - 5 samples on me.<BR> <BR> Desiree Nelson<BR> President, Purveyor, Blender, <BR> (Chief, Cook, Bottle Washer)<BR> 949 218 3103 x5

  • Tea House on Los Rios


    I had to visit a client in San Juan Capistrano, and thought that a nice tea lunch/break would be great afterwards. Found the Tea House on Los Rios. I was greeted by a very pleasant waitress, who seated me outdoors. The service took a little while, but the waitress was very knowledgeable and friendly. I had my tea served (she actually brought the tea, asked me if I wanted lemon or milk, and then poured the first cup!) I was rather hungry, and had the largest afternoon tea (I forgot what it was called). Well, the tea sandwiches were tiny. The scone, while good, didn't dent my appetite at all. The fruit bowl was really a 4' dessert plate of cut fruit. In fact, after eating everything, I was still hungry! And that was $22 worth of food and tea!!! I have no complaints about the service, nor about the environment. But my complaint is the food portions are tiny. Maybe they were meant as a snack, instead of a meal. I didn't want to pay for more food here. So afterwards, I had to stop at a fast food and eat a cheeseburger, in order to be not starved out of my mind. As lovely as the tea house is, I will not be going back. The price is too high for the amount of food they give you.