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  • The Dunbar House Tea Shop


    I would like to think my experience at the Dunbar was a fluke, and that this is not typical, so I don't want readers to look at this and make a snap decision. I just want to share my experience. A while back I went with 2 friends to the Dunbar. After one of the people working there took our reservation (why? they don't accept reservations) we arrived to have the owner rudely tell us 'no reservations were taken' even after we told her that indeed someone actually took a reservation. That we made it up was insinuated by the owner. The tea stand was wobbly, there was a cold draft from behind the air conditioner (the waitress put a towel over it to stop the draft), and the noise were disappointing. And the scores of people eating out in the tent area, in the pouring rain, with the rain beating down on the tarp was the finish to a not so fine day. All in all, a disappointing visit. I have not been back since, but perhaps some day I will venture out again.