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Sarah H  

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  • High Tea Cottage


    Today, I was supposed to be at the High Tea Cottage for a bachelorette party. The bridesmaids had made the reservations months in advance, and had subsequently contacted the proprietors of the High Tea Cottage at least three times to confirm that yes, they were open on new years eve, yes our reservations were made, and that we were all ready to go. Today, we drove an hour to get to the High Tea Cottage, expecting to have our bachelorette party, only to find the Tea Room closed. There was no one there, we tried calling, and there was a note on the door saying they were closed. The bridesmaid who had made the reservation called before Christmas to again check on the reservation, and everything seemed fine. Said bridesmaid had also checked her e-mail before we left, nothing. We were not notified that the Tea Room would be closed. I have no idea if this is an excellent tea room or not - all I know is that they are quite lacking in customer service. They failed to honor a reservation, and notify those that had one that they would be closed and offer a time to reschedule.

    Tearoom response:

    While I usually do not respond to reviews left this one I feel I must.

    On August 19th I received an email from Andrea Meyer stating “Id spoken with two people at your shop previously about a tea outing for a bride and a couple of her friends as a very girly take on a bachelorette outing for the bride on New Years Eve, Thursday, December 31st, during the day.”

    I responded to this email immediately and Andrea came back to me requesting a reservation for 6 or 7 guests for 12 noon on New Years Eve in August ’09 for a bachelorette Tea, we also spoke on the telephone the same day. After 3 emails, I asked her to keep in touch so I knew the gathering was still on. Her last email to me dated August 22nd 09 stated ' Ill be happy to re-confirm noon on New Years Eve as we get close' there was still 4 months to go and this was not a private function just a reservation with the guest number still to be confirmed.

    No confirmation or contact was made by email or telephone since her last contact of August 22.

    We receive many reservations via email and guests do not show, I didn't hear anything further from her to confirm the reservation,

    As we had no confirmed reservations for New Years Eve a decision was made to close for the two days, New Years Eve and New Years Day and this was posted on our website and also a sign was placed in our front window in mid December showing our Holiday hours. It is the clients obligation to confirm a reservation and number of guests, especially when asked to keep in touch and when you tell us in writing, “I'll be happy to re-confirm noon on New Years' Eve as we get closer”

    A telephone call from Andrea up until 8pm on December 30th would have ensured staff would have been there to serve you. I often open on days to accommodate guests, just this last Tuesday we opened for 6 guests and the Tuesday after Thanksgiving I opened especially for 2 ladies who could not come at any other time.

    I pride myself on accommodating guests; our customer service is known to be very personal, professional and specialized. When I read the 2 reviews posted here I immediately emailed Andrea Meyer and then telephoned her to be told, they were in the middle of THE WEDDING! Funny all her emails and the reviews here mention bridal bachelorette party, perhaps with all the excitement of the wedding being held on New Years Eve as well, you simply forgot to confirm your tea reservation to celebrate the bachelorette Tea, being held on the same day as the wedding.

    I wish you a very happy 2010.

    Thank you