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  • The Empress Tea Room & Event Dinning


    Well, this was for my baby shower and what an experience. I frequent tea houses often with my family as we are all girls who have sons. LOL. This I would have to say was the most disappointing experience I have had and to top it off it was my baby shower. I was not going to even rate this as I was thankful to have a shower since this is my 3rd child. However, I have received many phone calls and my mother - in - law who had this for me and she is highly upset. The teas offered were great and had a large selection to choose from. They however forgot my cold tea the first time and it took 2 requests to finally get it. Then when my sister in law showed up she requested a hot tea and no one brought that. Then for 7 guests which I would say is a good size party they only brought one cup of cream and jelly for the scones. We had to request a 2nd one. This part made me laugh. The cream they brought the 2nd time I believe must have just been mixed because both my sister and mother in law had chunks of cream cheese. Then I the guest of honor requested more jelly and my mother said after the lady walked away and I am quoting, 'you should have said fast.' We waited and waited and yes waited, to the point that I never ate my scone and started opening gifts. My other sister in law finally was so upset she walked back to the kitchen herself. Also, we not only had to make several requests for the same items but never had a friendly conversation with any of the people working there. We did see they offered soup and upon ordering 3 bowls they only had enough for two of us. They did however, offer a side salad in replace of the missing bowl of soup but soup was what was wanted. In short the only time we ever talked to the people was when they first announced the teas they have, the bringing out of the food trays, and maybe one other time when we had to call them over. There were several times we just said they were busy and maybe had some unexpected people show up. But after being there for 2 hours and several different issues we went away quite upset that we even chose this place to have the party because we just wanted a friendly atmosphere with great service. After, reading the reviews and seeing photos we thought this was the best place for what we were looking for to enjoy. But it turned out to be a place we will never want to visit again or tell people about. I apologize that I don't have anything nice to say but really in short the experience was not nice.