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  • Tea House on Los Rios


    I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I went to this adorable tea house the first time with my mom thinking she would love it since I had passed it several times in the past. After the hostess sat us we waited almost 15 minutes. I'm a waitress myself and was trying to be patient since I know how it can be if you're busy. I was also keeping an eye on my watch because just because it feels like a million years, it may be less time than you think. I went in to use the bathroom and told the hostess that no one had been to our table yet. She rudely asked if we had seated ourselves? I explained to her that she had just seated us and given us menues almost 15 minutes ago. Sheesh. She was too young to have this type of memory problem. My mom ordered tea and I looked at the wine list. I ordered a glass of wine and then about 10 minutes later our server came back to tell us they didn't serve that wine by the glass, only the bottle. Mom still doesn't have tea by the way. I showed him where it said on the menu that they did indeed serve it by the glass and he insisted that they did not. I wanted to shout, 'open a damn bottle and get me a glass', but did not. I settled on some crappy pinot grigio instead. Another ten minutes goes by and still no wine, but our food arrives. When I'm halfway finished with my meal the server brings me a warm glass of pinot grigio. Um...white wine is supposed to be served chilled. I sent it back and tried to be polite and not ruin a nice afternoon with mom. Service was slow, food mediocre, atmosphere was absolutely adorable and loved the decor. It's too bad the service is sooooo terrible. Went a second time thinking maybe the first time was a fluke, but it wasn't. The second time we ordered a bottle of champagne and our server never poured for us. We then got a bottle of chardonnay and I had to ask for wine glasses because is suppose he figured the champagne glasses were just as good for both. Never poured a drop for us. Both times I had a young unexperienced male as a server. There is an adorable woman that has worked there for some time and from my observation she seems to know what she is doing. If I ever go for a third round of punishment I will definitely ask for her.