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  • Belladonna Gift Boutique and Tea Room


    I will not make a habit of writing on this site, but I wish to respond to Donna. My friend and I were disappointed, but NOT upset about the soup. What we were upset about and I am asking that as a business woman, you consider this...we made a reservation to ensure that we had the soup. It was the only reason we made a reservation. We both feel that a policy should be in place to ensure that items are held for those that make reservations and not given out to walk ins. Also, if there is a change in the menu,the server informs the guest as soon as they sit down and ensures that they are okay with the changes. When we asked about the missing soup, your daughter said she was sorry that she forgot to mention it and that she would leave you a note and that we could come back. My friend and I both thought that it was a friendly gesture to right an oversite. It was not until I called to set a new date that I was informed that the salad we ate was a substitute and that we needed to pay for the soup. Simply stated, I think that most businesses would have notified the customer of changes and of what options we had. Does that not sound reasonable? I simply informed your daughter that I was not happy with the situation and that I would prefer to discuss the issue with you. I payed good money and I have every right to say that I was not in agreement with what happened.I was not in any way mean towards your daughter. You have a responsibility to your customers. They are who make your business a success. I am horrified that my friend and I payed 56.00 to be so disrespected. As you are suggesting, we will gladly take our business elewhere.

    Tearoom response:

    My Dearest Sisson,<BR> Normally we try to make every guests visit with us as satisfactory as possible. We couldn't be ranked #1 on this site and have all 4 stars on almost every review otherwise. But, on your first phone conversation on Tuesday (regarding your visit last Wednesday) with my daughter you belittled her, ridiculed her and intimedated her so badly that she cried hysterically and I could barely recognise her voice. All this because you wanted the 'CUP OF SOUP' instead of the salad ? ? ? ? <BR> <BR> You ordered the Full Belladonna Lunch which included: Bottomless pot of gourmet teas, scone served with preserves and devonshire cream, 2 chicken cranberry sandwiches, 2 artichoke/bacon sandwiches, cucumber and pesto sandwich, gargonzola tart, plum wrapped date, and a provolone cheese crisp and our petite house salad of romain/spinach with grapevine tomotoes, cranberries, candied almonds and house raspberry vinaigrette and for dessert chocolate cake with french truffles, strawberry stuffed with strawberry cream, pumpkin bread pudding with rum sauce and an apple tart.<BR> <BR> This is what thousands of guests have been enjoying in our tea room for the past 13 years and we are truly sorry that you only came for the soup..... but we are a TEA ROOM and perhaps you should have gone to a soup house instead.<BR> <BR> Again, there was no substitution, our menue clearly states 'chef's choice of salad or soup'.<BR> <BR> This will be our last conversation with you over a 'CUP OF SOUP'. Donna