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  • Teaberry's Tea Room


    The food and setting of Teaberry's is simply superb, however this fact is overshadowed by the poor service that is sometimes offered there. As a frequent return visitor I have encountered many waitresses at Teaberry's, some charming and accommodating and others that are not. I have found in my experience that the younger waitresses offer the better service at Teaberry's. As a waitress myself I understand that things can sometimes be a little hectic and I am forgiving of that. But upon being seated in the tiniest little corner of the tearoom (in an otherwise empty room), my guest and I had to wait for over twenty minutes before a server even came over to ask us for our drink order. And I understand that things can slip through the cracks, but to see guests arrive after our party did and to be seated/served immediately was rather unforgivable. Especially when I noticed that the waitress that was intended to be our waitress was serving another table that had arrived AFTER ours did. Once the waitress finally did come over she asked for our drink order which we gave and told her that we would also like to put in our order for lunch as well. The woman simply stared at us for a moment as if this was a confounding idea. Finally she said 'well I suppose that would be okay' before she took our orders. (Now this is where my waitressing background leads to an unforgiving nature). As my guest and I told the waitress what it is we would like to have for lunch, she basically needed us to repeat ourselves (each) twice before she took down the order. And once she heard our orders she hovered over our table for a good minute longer as if she were writing out each individual letter to everything we said to her. And what baffles me is that after she wrote down the order (in what appeared to be great detail) she addressed me with questions for the order that my guest had JUST placed. Both were very simple orders, the pear salad and a cup of the special soup, and a garden salad with a bowl of the lobster bisque. So eventually we come to the eating portion of the meal which was fabulous taste wise and ok service wise (even though our waitress brought a few types of dressings with her because she could not remember what type we had asked for.) During the meal I had finished my drink (a lemonade) and after a while of it siting there the waitress came over and asked if I would like another one, to which I said 'no thank you'. What I will never understand is her response of 'Oh well I'll just leave that there for you then' (the empty lemonade glass). The table was a quaint size to begin with and having unnecessary glasses take up space on the table was just silly. So finally we finish our lunch and our waitress comes over to ask us 'would we like to see the dessert menu', to which I reply 'no thank you we already know what we would like to order for dessert.' And again she baffles me by saying, 'well i'm going to give it to you anyway' and disappears to get menus. And once we had the menus, she disappeared again for quite some time. When she finally did come back we had to place our dessert orders to go because we simply could not take the service anymore. So what can be learned from this experience? Teaberry's has a fabulous setting filled with amazing food, that is just delivered poorly. I say go to Teaberry's, just hope for a younger waitress!

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Smith,

    Thank you for taking the time to offer your constructive criticism. I am continuing to work with my staff to further polish their customer service skills. Our primary goal at Teaberry's is that our customers are happy with their experience. Your patronage is appreciated and I hope you will visit with us again.


    Susan Wyatt Peterson