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User's reviews

  • High Tea Cottage


    I held a tea here for two friends birthdays, there were ten of us in total. I was greeted by a lovely welcome sign with our names which was a great touch. I was pleasantly surprised by the charm of the tea house, the quality of the food (though the scones are tiny and the sandwiches smaller than I am accustomed to), the table, and our server. However, despite being with a very kind and polite group of friends the owner, Jen was absolutely rude to us. She was luke warm to me when I walked in and told her how charming the tea house was...I didn't consider it until she snapped at me in front of the group about some emails that I didn't recall (she tracked me to the bathroom later and pushed them into my face), I had said in advance that we would order ala carte, but she presented the whole tea menu encouraging the very expensive royal tea, and when everyone started ordering different tea/meals, she gave me grief. Fair enough that it would take three hours (more time than we had) and be labor intensive for her, so we tried to consolidate. The menu was confusing and she snapped at my guests who asked questions about it, especially the two friends who decided to split one of the tea menu offerings. They got snapped at a few times (because of the split?). No matter how polite I tried to be, and how many thank you's I offered, I was met with a cold shoulder. The waiter was incredible though. It became so awkward that my friends started to compare her to the 'Soup Nazi' on the famous Seinfeld episode, or a severe headmistress. I spent nearly $500 on the experience and walked out of there feeling full, but awful! I would love to go back, but only if someone else (who understands being kind and gracious to your customers) takes over.