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  • Kaleisia Tea Lounge


    I found Kaleisia by accident (I was at a filling station across the street, looking around, trying to forget the exhorbitant price I was paying for petrol...) and I saw the word 'TEA' on a window. I live for tea, so I postponed grocery shopping to stop for a cuppa. I was thrilled with the selection and moreso with the service; the young lady who recommended an iced rooibos / green blend ('just a little sweet') really knew her stuff! I pride myself in knowing a thing or two about the brew myself, but I felt like an awestruck amateur as I opened the sampling cannisters (clever idea!) and sniffed while waiting for my tea (all of 4 minutes, which wasn't nearly enough time for me to finish sniffing all the teas). The shoppe itself was clean and sparce, with room to grow, and the baked goods looked wonderful (with cookies as big as saucers!). I've been hoping for a tea shoppe to sprout up between work and home; I finally have one, and I already consider myself a regular. And this ain't no Starbucks, neither -- Kaleisia's is one of a kind.