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Barbara Smyth   

User's reviews

  • A Dash of Panache


    Today I came for the very first time to a dash of panash. I am not someone who typically takes time to post reviews about places I go no matter how good or poor they are. All evening I was remembering the experience and telling some friends and smiling to myself and feeling warm fuzzies because of the fun memories I experienced. Therefore I sat down on our family computer and searched for someplace to tell the world about my personal experience. So here goes: I came with a friend to eat at what she described as a 'cute cafe in downtown roseville.' As we walked in the front door we realized that there was something special going on. Little did we know at the time that there was a bunch of 'somethings' going on. In the front cafe area there was a bunch of princesses having ice cream sundaes and brownies and pink lemonade over at a decorated table. They were darling and they were having a wonderfully fun time. The rest of the cafe was full of their parents and we appreciated them moving over a bit to allow us to have a small table to ourselves. We ordered from a cafe menu that made our mouths water. When the food arrived, it was truly wonderful and very satisfying. The staff said that the cafe is usually not this busy and that the ice cream princess party is not a typical event up here. We didn't mind because the young royalty were having so much fun that we giggled as we watched them. One of the staff was doing face painting with them. The mother of the birthday girls kept telling everyone how thrilled she was with the party and the girls that were helping out. Sometime during our lunch we heard some laughter down the hall and we noticed for the first time that there was another room further back in the building. We both walked over and saw a beautifully decorated room full of dressed up women. They were having a baby shower! There must have been 30 or more ladies back there and we found out that it was a french-deco tea parlor and they were having a high tea with their shower! What a thrill! We didn't realize that Roseville had its very own parlor! The room looked beautiful and my friend kept commenting on the artwork and the paint colors. After we walked back to our seat to finish eating, my friend decided she had to go to the powder room to 'freshen up.' A few minutes later I noticed her down the hall frantically motioning me to come down there. I walked through the tea parlor where the owner of the establishment was leading out in what looked like a very fun game and I met my friend just beyone the parlor next to a fancy closet. As I approached her I realized that the closet was a dress up closet! It had boas and hats and jewelry and I can't remember what else but there was more. I then realized that the baby shower guests were all dressed up in the accessories and I realized how fun it all looked. But that isn't what she wanted to show me. There was more! She took me down the back hall where there were pink beads in front of a slightly opened door and she reached through and pushed it open so I could see. What fun! It was another princess party! This one was much different than the ice cream one up front. This one was at a formally-set table and there was a beautiful cake and fruit plate and a few kinds of little triangle sandwiches and crystal cups and cute decorations. All of the princesses had tiaras and royal sceptors. There were fancy little favor bags in a basket next to the door and we saw a photo that looked like it was just taken of the group. Very cute! All of the children were wide-eyed as they watched a guy finish some funny juggling and then do a rope trick that was quite entertaining. They all cheered for him as he came our way and we decided it was time to leave and go back up front and finish our wonderful lunch that we had forgotten about. This place is magical. I saw so much laughter and smiling. It was quite obvious that the business was a memory maker. What a blessing the two of us had and we were only there for lunch! I can't wait until we come back for their christmas tea event in December. Hidden treasure was found today. Roseville has a major attraction right in the middle of its old downtown area. I'm still smiling to myself. Thank you for letting me share some of the joy I received today.

    Tearoom response:

    You hold the record for the longest review ever written about us on TeaMap! Wow. That was a significant amount of time you spent taking readers on a walking tour through our establishment and the result was a very nice 'visual' of almost every aspect of our business. Now we need to get you to come for a Ladies Night Out or a Holiday High Tea, etc.! Thank you!!!