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  • Julian Tea


    A friend told us about this place in Julian, said it was wonderful. Here's the real scoop. Although the shop is cozy (small) and quaint and the shop manager pleasant our waitresses demonstrated very poor business etiquette. They were just plain rude. Every time our waitresses would enter the ultra-small room where we were seated they made no attempt to say 'excuse me', 'pardon my interruption' as our group was in the middle of conversation. Service was just God-awful. At one point the waitress was bringing in eating utensils and she just dumped them on the table, PLOP. No attempt was made to give each guest a fork or a spoon; they were just PLOPPED in the middle of group. Tea service was different though. The waitress rattled off (muttered) a few tea names as if it were a major inconvenience for her to repeat. Someone asked for decaf in our party and our dear waitress rolled her eyes to the back of her head (as if to think or to check out that rattling noise) then she schlepped off and returned (no 'excuse me') with the display box of teas. No attempt was made to give each guest a peak at the teas inside the box as the lid was snapped shut. Now for the food category, the food was good, value was poor. $18.50 is what we paid, EACH, for ¼ sandwich, one sliver of kiwi, one sliver of orange, cocktail bread with spread, three grapes, and a teacup of pumpkin soup and tea. I’m sure I have forgotten some other tidbit they may have served but I’m sure it’s not worth mentioning in the grand scheme of things. As a final offering each guest is given a small Ziploc bag of loose tea for brewing at home in hopes that one day you’ll return to the little tea cottage of over priced food and poor service. I hope you found this review helpful because I really hate writing. I just want you all to know before you go. It’s not a bad place, but you can do better. If you go in with low expectations you won’t be disappointed. Jan 2006.