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  • Charlotte's Tea Room


    I hosted a shower for my sister and was very diappointed in the service. From the moment I arrived on site, no one welcomed me or introduced themselves. I arrived a half an hour early to set up decorations that I made and was told they were unecessary, as the room was already decorated enough. There was a handwritten note on the bathroom door telling my guests of a large bill Charlotte's had to pay to a plumber the day before since someone flushed something down their fragile plumbing. I don't think this is something a bunch of ladies wanted to see on their day out for was very tacky. Once the guest of honor arrived food was brought out immediately. Not one dish was cleared for the entire scone or tea sandwich service. My guests were literally stacking plates and dirty napkins at the ends of the tables in hopes that they would be cleared, but this obviously is not something our server was interested in doing. We had to ask for ice water to be brought out and our teapots were simply filled with more hot water rather than new tea. Sandwiches that were not eaten were cleared after the lunch service and simply thrown away. Nothing was boxed for the bride to eat, as she was openning gifts for the entire she and the maid of honor ate nothing. I was very disappointed in this sprecial party that I threw for my sister. I thought that by having a shower in a restaurant, my guests would be more comfortable and more attention would be paid to them than by being in my home. I was wrong:( The attention to detail is lacking at Charlotte's Tearoom. The servers should smile a little bit when they are working and at least pretend that they are happy to have customers.

    Tearoom response:

    I am the owner of Charlotte's Tea Room. I book our events and speak extensively with our guests. After every party I speak with the hostess. I have never had anyone be disappointed with my restaurant or our service. If there had been ANY problem during your event, I would hope that we would be made aware of any issues during that day, so we could rectify any situation or problem.

    New York State Department of Health dictates that once food is brought back into the kitchen, it must be thrown out. Had we known of your concerns, we would have certainly been more than happy to bring containers out to the dinning area so that the leftovers could be package up for you to bring home.

    MY 'Rule of Thumb' is that 1 hour after the GUESTS arrive, I serve the main course. My thoughts are that these ladies have been waiting for a while and are probably hungry.

    And as far as your re-decorating the restaurant...nothing can be taped or stapled to our 100 year old plus wood or plaster. We certainly welcome floral pieces or favors on the tables.

    Our customers do so enjoy our beautiful tea room in this Historic Victorian Building. With that said, we all abide to her certain constraints - especially in the washroom.