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  • Barbara's Victorian Teahouse and Boutique


    If I could give no stars I would...we didn't even finish our meal as it was completely uncomfortable, unprofessional, and inhospitable throughout the entire meal. I was invited by a my neighbor on our first luncheon to go to Barbra's tea house during a weekday. I was very excited to go out with my little girl for our first tea party unfortunately the entire experience from making reservations to leaving the tea house was HORRIBLE!!!  Below are the bullet points of the unprofessional ism: -First my friend had called to make reservations, she was confirmed personally by one of Barbra's daughters. The next day she was called and said she did not have a reservation and they had not received her phone call the previous day.  THIS IS A RED FLAG.  So she went ahead and made another reservation. On the day of the tea she was called again by Barbra herself and given confirmation. The reservation was for 2 adults 2 children age 3.  My 7 year old niece heard we were going and came along as well. -As we pulled in the parking lot, it was filled with rock gravel. Not to appealing for a Victorian tea house. There was not enough parking so Barbra's teenage daughter directed  us to, 'park in the street'. -We then entered waited to be seen by Crystal (another one of Barbra's daughters). Crystal was overwhelmed by the addition of a 7 year old little girl.  -After waiting, more then 10 minutes they sit us down in the entry table we had been standing in front of (by the way it seated 6 people). Then in a condescending tone Crystal says, 'your lucky we had a cancelation if not we could not serve you. Later, I walked around and noticed another table that also seated 6 was empty the entire time we were there. -The food was placed for us on the table as we waited for the table and Crystal again didn't tell us where to sit as the adults have a different meal then the kids.  All we saw were fruits and sandwiches. NO PRICING MENU.  -As were trying to figure out who's food is who's, I ask Crystal and she points out that we were served 3 adult meals and a child's meal.  I mentioned to her that my niece is 7 and she said, 'She eats more, so she's and adult!' I continued to keep my cool as I was out for the first time with my neighbor.   -Next, Barbra comes around and thinking she is the owner I let her know her daughters comment about the child being charge for an adult and she says, 'oh no, she's  a child'.  I repeated this to Crystal and she said, 'no she's an adult.' Their is NO COMMUNICATION between Barbra and her staff/daughters.  -Finally we get to the tea part of our lunch and the teenage daughter says, 'What tea do you want?' my friend and I look at each other and say what are our choices? Then we are given the rude response of, 'the menu is right there!' again, no one pointed this out to us and the menu was on the side of the kids so we just didn't see it. Now tired of the horrible service we say just bring us the most popular teas. The tea is served in a pot, no tea bags, and no creamer. -My 3 year old start dancing next to her chair like a ballerina because of the classical music playing in the background and is quickly barked by Crystal, 'she needs to sit down.' -The kids pink lemonade is all watered down.  No lemonade flavor so our girls only got to drink water. - The scones come out as well. They don't look like scones but muffins.  -Part of the charm of being at this particular tea house is being able to walk around and go upstairs. Of course they let a regular customer go upstairs but not us.   -we didn't even  finish our meal as it is completely uncomfortable, unprofessional, and inhospitable throughout our stay. I asked for the check and the bill is $78.00. They were charging me $19.00 per child for small bowl of fruit, water down lemonade, wonder bread sandwich cut small triangles. Again, I was not aware of the outrages pricing for kids and took my 3 year old daughter and 7 year old niece with no pricing menu at the table. I just paid for it and was on my way out.   -My friend made a comment on out way out to the effect we would have to stop by McDonalds to feed our girls and Barbras teenage daughter yelled something like, 'well get out and leave to McDonalds'.  And then quickly locked the door. This was the straw the broke the camels back.  We knocked on the door and finally Barbra came out.  -I explained our horrible experience. She quickly blamed my three year old daughter for our bad experience saying she could not sit still.  I went over the points of our horrible meal. She agreed it was bad and said, she would talk to the daughter who yelled at us as we were walking out.  Then continued to blame my daughter again. I explained to her again that she had nothing to do with the service and left it at that. Barbra herself also does not have common sense as a business owner instead of calming me down or trying to compensate me with trying the experience again she blamed a 3 year old little girl. 

    Tearoom response:

    We make every effort to welcome and serve all of our customers equally, and with the same care and attention to detail we would expect ourselves.

    We apologize if you felt you did not receive this service.