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Beth Matthews   

User's reviews

  • The Victorian Parlor


    Our Red Hat group has gone to several tea rooms over the years but The Victorian Parlor is the only one we have revisited (5-6 times) including today. This Tea Room is the best1 Today we had high tea with six courses - fruit cup, salad, scones, ham and cheese small sandwiches warm from the oven, soup, and then desserts. The teas used were brewed and one that was served tasted somewhat like egg nog and the other tea that was served was a plum spice tea. This is definitely a five-star tea room. Don't miss it1

    Tearoom response:

    Beth, it's quite special to have your group returning time and again. We enjoy having you as much as you love to come back to us. This time you got to enjoy our Christmas decorations, but don't forget all the other seasons to relish in. Thanks