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User's reviews

  • Tea On The Tiber


    I came for tea with my girl friend and our husbands. We had a pretty good time. Since we are british and tea critics we can honestly say that it's not one of 'the best' we have been to. The portions were very very small. We ended up spending a little over 100 $ for the four of us and all left there starving, going to a steakhouse down the street! Tea on the Tiber counts everything they serve you to make sure you only get 1 of the 4-5 items served (food-wise). We only got 1 scone each, 1 tiny sandwhich wrap each, 1 chocolate covered strawberry each and 1 tiny trifle each. My thoughts for a better service would be to offer a little more for your buck! The food was fresh so I will give you that and the service was friendly. Just spend a little less time thinking about decorating and interior design and a little more time on the quanity of the food you serve ;). Happy planning Tea on the Tiber and I hope this helps the review readers! Enjoy your time there readers and have fun just don't go there hungry!