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Brue McJ.   

User's reviews

  • A Dash of Panache


    My first time to a tea parlor outside of the San Franciso area. What a nice facility and what a creative concept this business has! Excellent in all areas and I enjoyed being able to brew my own tea under the expert guidance of the hostess serving me. I couldn't get my friend to dress up in the vanity closet but it sure looked like fun as I watched the other guests giggle and take pictures. The food was better than what I was used to being served in SF and there was a lot more of it too. I recommend panache without reservation.

    Tearoom response:

    Thank you for the review! Our team was excited to read it! You comments are interesting about the Vanity Closet. Every now and then we get a group that doesn't want to touch the closet. They seem too 'proper' to let loose and have fun. But as soon as one of them returns from the restroom and pauses by the closet and then returns to the table with a boa or a cute hat, the whole group ends up at the closet giggling. It's a ton of fun to watch the process repeat itself over and over.