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Elika R.   

User's reviews

  • D's Victorian Teas


    My mother raised me to never judge a book by its cover. D's Victorian Teas is beautiful in terms of the house and antique decorations. The hostess, however, is a different chapter. First, she questions where my best friend is going to place her 3 week old newborn, questioning if she's going to hold her the whole time in a condescending tone. Sad to say she only grew more condescending from there. Two of our guests arrived late and she made sure to point out not only that they were late but the length of time they were late. She could never make up her mind. First it was, sit where we please. Then she would rearrange us. She talked down to us during the meal and treated us like an inconvenience. After all is said and done she lets our party planner have it. Tells her not to recommend anyone and that she doesn't want us back among other things. That it was an inconvenience and she treated us as such. My first tea party experience and all I could say is the tea was good and so was my company.

    Tearoom response:

    When a guest makes a reservation at my tea house there are guidelines and details that are discussed...even more if it is a large group. When those guidelines and common proper etiquette are not then followed by the guest this causes frustration and sometimes inconveniences by myself and helpers. This was the case on my April 2nd baby shower tea. I am sure that my frustration was noticed, but I in no way meant anyone disrespect. Since this is my private home and you are an invited guest into my home it is my right to ask you not to return if there is a problem. This is what I chose to do. (the first time I have done so in 5 1/2 years). I work extremely hard to put on a beautiful, delicious tea and to make my guests feel welcome in my home. To anyone reading this...please consider my other reviews prior to April 2nd.