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Carolyn B. Anderson   

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  • Uniquely Yours Tea Room THE BUTLER HOUSE


    (an excerpt to an email that I wrote to my best friend in Northern California, in anticipation of when I would go to have 'tea' w/ some of my facebook friends, cousins.. -us stepping out of the pages and into real meeting.. and what better place to meet..) The menu will be: various finger sandwiches, tuna, chicken salad.. (< Harriet told me of her special ingredients.. sliced white grapes and chopped nuts....<shhhh> don't tell anyone. -smiles).. ham salad, etc... elegantly fanned sliced strawberries (love how she still keeps them together, but fans them open so beautifully.. ) appetizers, scones, ( a most delicious ..mmmmmmm.. raspberry and greens salad.. if the individual chooses.. I choose!..) desserts, and an unlimited pot of tea.... and soooo much enjoyable conversation and smiles.. looking forward to once again being there!.. There will be boas to try on. fancy huge, plummed hats to try on.. inexpensive rings, jewelry, purses, ornaments, etc. to buy.. cards to send to long distant, well-loved, missed friends.(( hint, you!)) It will be.. it is! a great place w/ perfect ambiance, and one is immediately transformed, taken to fully relax and enjoy conversation, food w/ friends.. I love Harriet's place. I am happy for her that she's expanding! her company/ business name is changing to Three Rivers Tea!.. I am most happiest for her!..and she knows this! (grins)