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Dora O'Malley  

User's reviews

  • The Mad Hatter Tea Room & Eatery


    Nice ambiance, as far as decorations and display. That’s all I can say about going to the Mad Hatter. Our experience was bad, really bad. We were brought those tea timers that have nothing to do with brewing a good cupa. It’s all about the color of the tea and the proportion of water and tea leaves. Just let it sit till you get the perfect color and flavor to your taste. My “tea” looked like colored water. I had to send my dreadful, unsightly tiny teapot back and order a coffee (it was safer). Somebody in the kitchen had no idea how to make tea. People in general were weird and acted weirdly. Some “mad hatters” were giggling as much as the waiters every time they mentioned the word “tea”. First, it was not tea, afternoon tea, that is. Some were drinking tea and having the typical food served during an afternoon tea, but it was done in the morning! (That's odd). The time was off, the tea was bad, and the giggling was driving me nuts. I belong to the traditional afternoon tea culture (British). We seldom miss an afternoon tea at home. We know what a good cup of tea must taste like, we know how to brew it and serve it (we would never use those silly timers and we feel insulted when offered one). We know how to drink tea as a meal and we do it in a natural way, enjoying the tea and the company. No giggling, no silly hats, no silly timers. Just a good cupa is all you need. A good brewed tea is all we want.

    Tearoom response:

    Hello Dora, Curious review about us. That is so wonderful that you know how to brew tea and enjoy a proper British Tea. We however are The Mad Hatter. We do not promote ourselves as a proper British Tea, never have. We are a whimsical Tea House/Restaurant. Our guests are here to have a giggle and good time, we encourage it! Many of our guests do not know how to steep tea and appreciate that we give them some guidelines as how to do so, as is evident by the many tea timers we sell in our Gift Shop "Wonderland". We bring timers to every table that orders tea. If you didn't want to use it we certainly would not mind at all. We serve our "Queen of Hearts, High Tea Service" during business hours. We don't mind that people enjoy Afternoon Tea in the morning, or in the evening. We pride ourselves on our fabulous reviews and guests that appreciate what we do and how we do it. We are not your "cup of tea", and that's okay. Thank you for giving us a try.