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Curious consumer   

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  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    I was looking for a teahouse to take my daughter, and I'm always leery of going to place where the reviews are all perfect which means that I believe the owner cook the reviews. Really what are the odds of perfect reviews week after week, 61 or so reviews and other tearooms barely have a handful on this site - little suspicious to me. Consider when you look at a more reputable place like urban spoon and all the reviews are negative except for one which is actually done by the teahouse itself.

    Tearoom response:

    We Tearoom Owners are always a little leery of people who post reviews of places they have not visited and don't want to leave their name...that is ALWAYS suspicious to me...<BR> As for the reviews is impossible for owners to leave multiple reviews for themselves...TeaMap does not allow more than one review per e-mail/computer unless the owner was running around town trying to leave reviews, which by the way would really keep them from being able to run their business,she can't right her own reviews and if you also payed attention, the reviews listed are rotating...not written on the same day/week.<BR> We have a beautiful Tearoom that has been visited by wonderful people for nearly 10 years, and I appreciate their business everyday!:) Thanks All!!!!<BR>