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  • Abigail's Tea Room


    I will not be returning to this tearoom. Our recent experience at this tearoom has changed my opinion drastically. We had pleasant experiences there the past few years, but things have changed. It started when we went to make a reservation. We'd recently had my 1-yr-old nephew there (very well behaved, we wouldn't have taken him otherwise), but when I mentioned we'd need a high chair for this visit, I was told very firmly that they don't have high chairs. Confused, I inquired further, until I was told the one they had was broken and they would not be replacing it. The conversation continued with me feeling reprimanded because 'Do you really think bringing a child is a good idea? They don't have a very long attention span,' and basically telling me, without actually saying the words, that they don't want children in their establishment. I would have had more respect for them if she'd come out and told me that, rather than scold me and beat around the bush. She also spoke to me as if I were a child regarding the Groupon we'd purchased. Then we arrived for our lunch (sans child) only to be met with agitated and downright grumpy staff. I had to ask for water twice before I got it, and then had to ask twice again for a refill. Twice more, there were items people in my party needed, but our waitress turned and left before we could ask for it. And while tearooms are considered leisurely, and we usually enjoy it that way, we were left far too long between courses (even afterward when we wanted to pay) and it ended up making us feel as though we weren't getting the service we needed. It was not crowded the day of our visit, so there is no excuse for poor service. We also got the sense that perhaps Abigail's regrets doing the Groupon, because we got a negative vibe from them about it, both when we called and when we visited. Our experience was enough for us to decide we will take our business elsewhere.