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  • Pamela's Victorian Tea and Music at Bell Mansion


    I brought my 5 year old daughter in for her first proper tea party experience. She had SUCH a fun time! We enjoyed trying on hats and shawls prior to sitting down to eat. She loved the doll tea table set up and she chose to sit right beside it so she could play and eat. She brought her special stuffed animal with her and she served her special friend tea with a miniature tea set. I just cannot express what a special experience this was for the both of us...something special for all mothers to do with their little girls!! We loooved it! Both Pamela and George were so friendly and we felt like we were right at home.

    Tearoom response:

    Holly, it was our joy to serve you, and it all worked out so well at the end...with me worried that my voice student would show up any minute and you and your mom and daughter wouldn't get to experience all of what we offer at our tearoom. George can tell you I was fretting about it in the kitchen to him, and then, my student was late, and you all got to visit longer, your mom showed up and had a good time, and we got pictures, and everyone was happy, and I breathed a sigh of relief! Because I also teach piano and voice lessons at the cafe, I have the lessons come later after hours, but that day you were there was a close one! We so enjoyed having you, the pictures I posted on my Facebook page is just priceless! 3 very pretty ladies! Please come back again soon!