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  • Paris In A Cup


    We had a similar experience as another person on this site. I didnt feel any warm hospitality at Paris in a Cup. To start: there was a discrepancy on the number of people in our party. We thought we told them 15. They thought we told them 12. In the end, 13 people showed up. The manager literally refused to add an extra placesetting at the end of a table for our 13th guest. The manager said she was sorry, that there was no room. She wasnt particularly nice about it. She seemed annoyed, as if this happens all the time, and she is tired of making exceptions. When we struggled to find a solution, we asked if we could seat our 13th guest at the end of the table. The manager claimed they didnt have an extra chair. Then, when 3 petite people in our party offered to share one of the 2-person booths, the manager said this 'wasnt allowed.' Our guest of honor was a wreck. This was supposed to be a day of calm for her. She had to plead with the manager, so that someone didnt have to go home (They finally allowed it. And somehow, a chair magically appeared). In addition, we were NOT told in advance of their strict NO BABIES OR TODDLERS policy. Luckily, one of us checked the website the day before, so we got babysitters last-minute. Had any of us brought a baby, we would have surely been turned away. They ask that ONLY children who can sit UNASSISTED in a chair come to the event. And children must STAY SEATED THE ENTIRE TIME. There are also issues of time. They determine your maximum # of hours according to the number of people in your party. Our group had a 2-hour maximum. Two hours is quite short for a special event (of any size). We felt rushed. The courses came quickly. The servers were going-through the motions. And we got different servers throughout the tea service. At other tea houses Ive been to, the hostess for your table (or group) warmly comes around several times throughout the service, and explains every course, checks your hot water, etc. Not here. I assumed it was because they were rushing to get through 3 courses in 2 hours. But I also wondered if they were just annoyed with our group because they thought we were high maintenance (ie: the extra placesetting) I understand the need for rules when it comes to group events, but at Paris in a Cup, the rules are so strictly enforced that it seriously diminishes the level hospitality. The rules make you nervous - like they are mad at you if anything doesnt go according to plan. Other tea houses have figured out how to set boundaries without making their customers feel unwelcome. Ive been to many of these types of girl's-day-out events at various tea houses in Southern California, and never before been so shocked at the refusal to be flexible. My advice to customers is to read ALL the fine print on the website BEFORE you plan an event there. Be very specific on your RSVP count, and get it in writing. Tell your guests ALL of the rules (write it out on the invitation) so that they dont bring an extra person with them, or worse: a baby or a skirmy child. Keep your eye on the clock during your event so that you dont run out of time (especially important if there are gifts to open). And if anything doesnt go according to plan (as we all know can happen when you've invited a large group) be ready for a bit of attitude from the staff and manager. Try not to let it damper the excitement of your big day.