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User's reviews

  • D's Victorian Teas


    I was not impressed with the experience we had at D's Victorian Teas. The space was very cluttered and nothing about it was like any English tea I have attended in my many trips to England. I have had tea in multiple locations in England with English friends from the casual local tea room to the high tea in elaborate locales. This was very Americanized. Her home seemed to be filled with more knickknacks and souvenirs, making it difficult to move about. The sandwiches were not traditional English tea sandwiches, one cut in a large flower shape. They would never put fruit or nuts in their chicken salad sandwiches. The scones were flat and dry, not fluffy and crisp on the outside. D would be better off purchasing clotted cream than passing off the concoction she makes. She stated she didn't want to spend the money to purchase real clotted cream. We all felt as if she was hovering, would take things quickly and abruptly and rushed along. The thing that really annoyed me was the packed tray of bagged Bigelow teas that would not be served at a real English Tea and there were no tea cups, just mugs. When my English friends asked about the tea, they scoffed at the idea this was English in any way. Rather, acknowledging, we attended yet another American tea. We were all disappointed, all the way around.