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User's reviews

  • Infusion Tea


    When I visit Orlando, I make sure to visit this spot. I love it! The tea is wonderfully prepared, with a timer based on the color/type. Local honey is available. Special requests are catered to - lots of vegetarian options available and they all taste great! Service is cheerful and helpful. I love the shop that is part of the tearoom, featuring local artists work. Great spot and worth your drive!

  • Infusions Lounge


    I found this spot unexpectedly, happy it was open on a Sunday. I enjoyed my chai tea (loosely prepared), but it would have been even better in a cup/mug. Drinking tea from a cardboard cup isn't the way to go when you are staying in. There was a nice group and I noticed everyone had the same type of to-go cup. The quiche I ordered was very light and came with a slice of melon and 1/2 a muffin. I would return as it was a cute spot. Hopefully they'll add regular cups/mugs soon as it really does make a difference in how the tea tastes. Service was cheerful and there was a modern vibe to this tearoom.

    Tearoom response:

    Ceramic cups are always available upon request.

  • The Roswell Teahouse


    I meant to write this review right after my girlfriend and I visited. We were there 2 months ago and will not ever return. There are several reasons why...I had tea and scones that were fine - not something worth driving out of the area for. My girlfriend, who is not picky or difficult in any way had serioius problems with the food. First, she ordered a wrap that had an option for chicken or salmon - she forgot to mention which choice and the waitress didn't ask either. It came out with chicken, which she doesn't eat at all. She apologized to the waitress and asked for salmon. It came out with salmon that was not cooked through - she didn't feel she could eat undercooked salmon and sweetly asked for it to be cooked more. 3rd time out, she bit into the wrap for her first bite and I saw her biting into a long hair (cooked in, not hers). Although this could happen anywhere the situation was handled horribly. The waitress was polite but another worker meandered over (I thought she was the mangager, coming to apologize) and commented my friend seemed to be out of luck that day!!!Seriously, is it lucky to get cooked food w/out hair in it? I thought my friend should speak up but she didn't want to, so I asked for the manager when I went to pay. I told her how unprofessional the comment was, after the disaster with the food and she just said that it hasn't happened before. No real effort to rectify the problem in any way that would bring customers back. We traveled quite far for this kind of lousy service. Also, this is an urban tea shop, not a traditional tea room, if that is what you are looking for.

  • Serenity Garden Tea House


    I visited Friday just to get tea and scones for takeout. I've been here before lunch and had mixed experiences and debated giving them another chance. The scones were perfect!! They were served with jam, lemon curd and clotted cream and were so good I returned Saturday for lunch with two more girls. This tea room is a little crowded and not as well decorated as a few others but we had a great time! The chicken waldorf was superb and the turkey sandwich was enjoyed! The tea was good (apricot black and the chai). Again, the scones were fantastic, exactly as you hope at a tea room. It is a little less personable than other spots I've been but I see great improvement made here and will be back as soon as I get back to the area.

  • The Little Tea House


    My out of town girlfriends and I found this tearoom in the new location, in an area we weren't familiar with. It's in a cute, artsy district, definitely worth checking out. We received a warm greeting, and the staff was very accomodating in a couple food restrictions we have. The tea was wonderful, despite a tea list not being available yet. The pastries and sandwiches were all well made and presented. Scones are not the typical English scone, but have more of a cornmeal, biscuit texture. They are quite good, especially with the cream and jam. We had a wonderful time and will be back when we are all in the same town again!

  • The Little Cafe & Tea Shoppe


    My girlfriends and I went here last Saturday - it is closed. No sign and the spot is empty. Unfortunately, there is a Starbucks on the corner:( We found another tea room on Northwood - I've added that review.