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Julieann Carver   

User's reviews

  • Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe


    From the moment we pulled up to the Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shope I was in love. The Building itself resembles an actual cottage and the landscaping complimented the quaint little building perfectly. Walking in to the cottage itself I was in awe of the décor. You feel like you’ve stepped into a time of class and sophistication. I personally sat in the second room on the first level of the cottage, three girls and myself were seated at a four person table in the back of the room, despite being a seemingly small room there was room to move around and converse comfortably without invading someone else’s arm space. The table was set up with the beautiful dishes, and the cutest tea set I’ve ever seen, it immediately made me feel like I was at home and gave me a sense of comfort. Now I am a Tea lover and I believed that I had tried it all, but during my time there they served a Vanilla and Huckleberry flavored Tea. From the first sip I was addicted, the tea was amazing on its own, and there was no need to add sugar or cream of any kind. Then came the food, and props need to be given to Dawn Kiki and Laura Henagar, because the food and desserts were absolutely phenomenal. My personal favorite was the Toasted Parmesan Artichoke bread; it was baked to perfection and left me wanting more and more of it. Of the desserts I loved the Mini Raspberry Cakes, the bread was moist and the French Vanilla Buttercream just melted in my mouth perfectly complimenting the Tea I was drinking. Overall, my experience at the Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shope was nothing but amazing from the décor to the food and friendly smiles from the willing staff. I would absolutely return in the future and recommend that others visit this cute little establishment; I promise that you won’t regret it.