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Kaitlynn Stobart   

User's reviews

  • Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe


    From the moment I saw the tea cottage to the time I left, gave me an experience I am sure to never forget. When I first saw the cottage, I thought that it was the cutest cottage I had ever seen to go have tea. There was a beautiful garden and the cottage was authentically decorated. Once I had made my way inside the cottage, I saw how beautifully and intricate everything was. The first thing I had noticed when I walked in was the smell of the cottage. It smelt like blueberry pancakes, and was very cozy as well as warm. When my friends and I had reached our table, I noticed that the tables looked antique as well as adorable.The service also were periodically checking in on us to make sure we were being taken care of, as well as offer us varieties of delicious teas to try.. The teas were by far the most amazing tea I have ever had. Caramel and Vanilla Huckleberry teas, as well as Peaches and Crème iced tea. Each flavor of the tea was unique and wonderful apart from the usual teas. I felt extremely comfortable there and felt enough so that I could chat freely. When the food had arrived I was blown away by the delicate look of all the foods. Just by looking at the food, I knew that it would be amazing. From sandwiches to scones to tea cakes, everything had an intricate design and had a lot of effort placed into it. The food tasted as good as it looked, and wished there was more! I couldn’t believe the tastes of all the foods I was eating. I thought that I couldn’t ever have more amazing sandwiches until I came here. Dawn Kiki and Laura Henegar did a breathtaking job making sure we had a memorable time, as well as preparing and giving us only the best of everything. The hostess’ were very cheerful and warm and gave me a sense of comfort. Whenever I get the chance to again, I definitely would choose to go back to Brambleberry Cottage because it was just the most precious and beautiful place to drink tea at. I would like to thank Dawn and Laura for all the hard work, warmth and effort they put into making my trip to Brambleberry Cottage a perfect and memorable experience.