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1780 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA (510) 524-2832 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 11:00am – 6:00pm Mon closed Tue closed Wed closed Thu closed Fri closed Sat 11:00am – 6:00pm
Dedicated to introducing the experience of whole leaf, seasonal, hand harvested teas; Teance personally select these rare and limited batch teas directly from small tea growers across Asia. The subtle nuances and bold flavors are expertly steeped at the round tea bar, specifically designed for tasting flights of tea with friends. Whether new to whole leaf tea, or a connoisseur, come relax in a tranquil atmosphere and appreciate these treasured teas.

Upcoming events

  • Free Tea Gatherings

    Dear fellow tea lovers,<BR> <BR> Inspired by the friendships and communities that have grown around our tea bar, Teance would like to offer a summer of weekly tea tastings. Beginning Wednesday, June 4, and every subsequent Wednesday in June and July, we will be hosting complimentary tea tastings at our store in Berkeley. <BR> <BR> You will have a chance to sample our freshly harvested spring e08 teas, and share the experience with other local tea connoisseurs. At every gathering one or two people will have the opportunity to share some poetry (naturally, we love to hear poetry related to tea!), readings, or performances on a musical instrument. Please keep readings to a maximum of five minutes, and music to one or two short pieces. <BR> <BR> Tea is a perfect catalyst for community and art. Please use this opportunity to introduce your family and friends to fresh whole leaf teas, which promotes calmness, mindfulness, and good health. <BR> <BR> <BR> When: Every Wednesday in June and July<BR> <BR> Time: From 6:00-8:00 p.m.<BR> <BR> Place: 1780 Fourth Street Berkeley, CA 94710<BR> <BR> Price: Free<BR> <BR> For more information, please call our store at 510.524.2832, or email<BR> <BR> Hope to see you there!<BR>

  • Cuisine and Tea

    Chefs, Restaurateurs and Professionals in the Culinary Field are Invited to a Complimentary Series Hosted By Teance:<BR> How to Enhance Fine Cuisines with Whole Leaf Teas!<BR> <BR> The Bay Area is home to extraordinary cuisines, encouraged by the public’s ever-refined tastes and love for fresh foods. Teance helps restaurants create tea programs to match their food in quality and detail. Our exclusive Monday night tea tastings for chefs and restaurateurs will give you the opportunity to discover what is possible with whole leaf, seasonal, hand-harvested teas. <BR> <BR> At each event you will:<BR> • Discuss varietal pairings to compliment savory and sweet cuisines. <BR> • Address industry-specific topics such as: Where does tea fit into the fine dining experience? What are the best techniques for serving tea? How do I introduce a loose-leaf tea program? <BR> • Handle the tea leaves; familiarize yourself with the differences in appearance, smell and taste. <BR> <BR> Like wine, whole leaf, hand-harvested teas have many nuances. Experience the complexity of Baochong, the subtlety of White Down, the earthy textures of Pu-Erh. Imagine sipping a dark, smoky Keemun red tea between bites sautéed wild mushrooms, or enjoying a bright Sencha accompaniment to fresh sardines! <BR> <BR> Each Monday evening we will delve deeper into the world of whole leaf teas. You are welcome to come to one, or experience all of them to learn about how tea can enrich your cuisine. <BR> When:<BR> The complimentary events are every Monday in June and July, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.<BR> <BR> Where:<BR> 1780 4th Street Berkeley 94710 <BR> <BR> Please R.S.V.P. to, or call (510) 524-1696, extension 1#. <BR> <BR> <BR>

  • Korean Tea Ceremony

    The Teance Friday Night Class Series presents:<BR> The Korean Tea Ceremony<BR> With Tea Master Yoon Hee Kim<BR> <BR> This Friday, July 11<BR> 7:00-8:30 p.m.<BR> <BR> Teance is excited to host this exclusive event! Tea master Yoon Hee Kim will perform the Korean tea ceremony at Teance and share about Korea’s 2,000 year-long tradition of tea. Guests will have a chance to participate in the ceremony, learn about the rich culture and philosophy of tea in Korea, and sample some Korean green teas, which is a rare treat in the US. Teas will be available for purchase only at this event. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the Korean Way of Tea! Seating is limited, so R.S.V.P. and pre-payment are required. Cost is $12 per person, payable by phone or at the Teance store. Call 510.524.2832 for more information. <BR> <BR> Yoon Hee Kim is an international lecturer and instructor for the U.S. Tea Association’s Specialty Tea Institute. As a certified tea master, she teaches and performs the Korean tea ceremony, and is the founding director of the Korean Tea Culture Foundation.<BR> <BR> For a listing of Teance’s ongoing Friday Night Tea Series, go to:<BR> <BR> | 1780 Fourth St. Berkeley, CA 94710 | 510.524.2832<BR>

Recent reviews

    • M


      Unpleasant place to visit. Teas are expensive. Accessories are overpriced. Owner is unfortunately rude and snobbish. It is as if she feels that most customers are ignorant of what quality teas are and it shows in her attitude. Love tea shops but after 2 visits here, I would never go back. It is not a English tea shop but rather a place where you can sample small cups of tea at believe $1/cup.

    • Jane Litman


      Teance tea is absolutely the best, but it comes at a price. I buy my tea here, but I wince a bit when I get to the register.

    • Adam


      Though the architectural masterpiece that is Téance can intimidate at first, this exceptional little shop in the heart of the charming 4th St. shopping area is worth a trip. On weekdays, the tea bar almost always has space and the tea makers have time to give you a really good introduction to any tea that you try. The quality of tea is excellent across the board, and if you're looking for conversation, there is a quiet community of regulars who frequent the shop. They don't serve food except for impeccable Mochi handmade by a Japanese chef for the weekends and tea infused truffles from a local chocolate maker, but the tea, the education, and the conversation make this little gem of a teashop worth a visit. They also offer tea classes many Friday nights and a rotating selection of events throughout the year. They have held Teen Tea Nights, new harvest parties, there is an ongoing informal Sunday writing workshop, and they are currently planning a series of board game nights.

    • Leilani


      This is not the place to kick back and sip while chatting with friends. Teance is the place to come to try out that really rare and expensive tea you've had your eye on. Definitely the kind of place where black tea = Puer and assam/ceylon/etc. is referred to as red tea. The tea flights are expensive, but expertly brewed in gaiwans (sp?) and the quality of the tea in incomperable. You will not get leaves over 6 month old without a warning first. I have found the tea flights to be very educational. I hear they're serving food now but wouldn't know. They're almost always understaffed and can usually barely manage to serve the tea flight tasters, many of whom get turned away. Serving food would seem beyond their capabilities for the moment, even if there is a menu. Not a casual atmosphere, but everyone I've seen working there has been very friendly and certainly very knowledgable.

    • Jame


      Teance has excellent tea, and is beautifully designed. It's a really relaxing space, and most of the employees have a really deep understanding of tea. I recommend going here to explore a new type of tea, but not to stock your pantry for your daily cup. Try one of the tea flights, and you'll have a great time discussing the differences. Bring a friend to share your tasting with, the tea bar is inviting and communal. The only problem is sometimes you run into a tea snob employee, who is less friendly, but overall everyone is super friendly. The owner is also really enthusiastic, and it is a treat to talk with her about tea!

    • Lauren


      This is a beautiful space, but we were told when we stopped by to just have a cup of tea that we couldn't. The only thing they offer are tea tastings (or flights). So this to me is not a tea room. It's just a place to buy tea and tea accessories, and to sip something that you'll buy more of (they hope) and take home.

    • Sherry C-F


      Teance is a beautiful tea room with a relaxing atmosphere. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable: they answer all questions enthusiastically AND graciously. There is a wide selection of teas and the staff offers tastings at their bar. During the week, when it is less crowded, sit at the bar for a 'tea flight,' three tastes of different types of teas. On Friday evenings, the tea buyer offers presentations on specific teas and growing regions. Teance is an elegant location where tea lovers can learn more about tea and enjoy their favorite beveridge.

    • Chris


      This is a really nice looking tea house and they have a good selection. But despite the fact that they are only a few blocks from my home I'll drive across town to go elsewhere. These people are tea snobs in the worst way. They are unfriendly and just plain rude. Once I went in with my friend and this time we were wearing casual attire (t-shirts) and we didn't look rich by any means so they copped an attitude and took about 30 minutes to get to get to us at the tea bar (more or less they kept ignoring us and serving others hoping we'd go away). We were not being rude and we didn't stink or wear offensive slogans on our t's, but clearly we were not welcome. The funny thing is that I was going to buy about $100 worth of high quality tea that day but they pre-judged and lost the majority of the sale. I am considered a tea master by the last tea shop I worked at which sounds silly but basically I know my tea and this place isn't worth your $.

    • Seth Ullman


      Teance is my tea home. While I understand the perspective that it is elitist, part of that comes out of the owners and operators deep love of tea. If you ask the right questions, they will have an informative answer. The bottom line though is, the expense and the pretense are worth it because they carry hands down the best tea of any teasroom I've tried in the Bay Area. The best tea I've ever had.

    • Henry


      Celadon's large selection of premium teas (not to mention the high standards of preparation) makes it one of the best teahouses in the Bay Area. In contrast to some reviews which have been posted, I feel that the service has been consistantly gracious and knowledgable - far from 'elitist.' Their tea service is excellent, and the pastries (which often include locally made, artisan mochi) are delicious. The decor is elegant and urbane, allowing the tea and teawares to shine. The teas are remarkable, and include a few which have never before been exported outside mainland China, such as the amazing Lu Shan Clouds and Mist green tea. It's clear that the staff and owners are passionate about what they do, one of the many aspects that make Celadon such a pleasant store. Their focus on 'fine' teas is to their credit - be advised that this means their teas are beautifully prepared in the traditional Chinese manner. If you're searching for black tea with milk this won't hit the spot, but for connoisseurs of rare Asian teas, it's ambrosial.

    • Myles


      It is indeed now called Teance, and the correct website is Completely agree with Lisa's review (02/17/06). Very unwelcoming in both decor and service. The tea is good but it's not worth going there.

    • Lisa


      While I have to admit that the teas are good and they serve them expertly, it's not a place I would go to again. Elitist is the word... the decor is too uber-modern and sparse to be welcoming, while their service is distant at best, and superior at worst. I feel like I should be making more money and knowing more things than I do to come here.

    • Gerald


      Now known as Teance, I was very disappointed in my visit here. Eager to learn more about tea and its preparation, I thought this would be a great experience. Instead it was embarassing as the staff, intentionally or not, made me feel quite the tea novice (as I am). They made me feel stupid for asking questions and talked me out of some of the more expensive teas for the tea tasting (the first two are on them). Maybe it's a nice place with good tea, but I'll never return. There are much friendlier establishments out there.

    • Lisa


      I'm an expatriate Californian who wistfully remembers my tea adventures in this lovely shop. The variety and quality of the teas are excellent, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and you can experiment with new tastes in a serene environment. Treat yourself to a perfect respite for a busy week. Try the lichee tea -- hot or cold, its a naturally sweet delight.

    • SP


      This store has a very calm, peaceful ambience. Staff are knowledgeable about teas and very attentive. Celadon focuses on the fine teas, and does not have a huge selection of food items. Teas are expensive.

    • ET


      I visit this shop when I am in the area only if I am not hungry and if I don't want my tea served with milk or sugar. They do sometimes have some popped rice and seaweed crunchy, savory things that I break for. I like the austere decor and the selection of books. I find this place pricey, but I recommend it and I have had good service each time I have visited.