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  • Victorene's Tea


    There is only one word 'disappointed'. That's how I felt after the $30.00 Mother's Day Tea at Victorene's. The tea preparation was a box of everyday Lipton, the scones were so dry, i choked and the service, we sat down at 1 and didn't get any food until 2:10. Victorene needs to go to a few Tea's and see how to serve a proper Tea. I must say her home is lovely, a wonderful place to have a Tea.

    Tearoom response:


    I must say, I am so sorry you were unhappy here. Wow, I have never had a review of this sort, and it makes me so sad. :(

    In answering your comments:

    1. I only serve loose leaf fresh brewed tea here of gourmet quality, so not sure why you felt it was Lipton. If unhappy about tea, I wish you had asked for another one and I would have been most happy to accommodate.

    2. The particular scone you were served was a creamed filled scone with even more cream on top and fresh strawberries. I am very confused at how this scone in particular could have been dry. Again, if you were unhappy, why did you not ask me for a replacement? My scones normally get me the most compliments.

    3. Our teas always include a program that last ½ hour. Our programs change every month but can include a reading from a classic novel, a trivia game at times, or even may include a garden tour in the summer or a house tour during Christmas. The program again only lasts ½ hour and then the 1st course is served directly afterwards. Our guest’s love the program as it adds to the whole tea experience and normally again only takes ½ hour.

    Again, I wish you to know that I am very sad about your review. I love my business and adore all the wonderful people I get the pleasure of meeting and I take such pride in a enchanting tea experience here.

    -Chris A. Cole

    Owner of Victorene's Tea