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User's reviews

  • Tyme for Tea


    Visited several times and came away unfortunately disappointed. Another customer asked fr more hot water for her teapot and theaters said there would be a charge. My chicken or tuna salad sandwich (could notice the difference) was huge filled with perhaps 1' of filling and made to hold in 2 hands(crusts not cut off). One of the 'specialty desserts was a store-bought cookie that supposedly was popular on an airline. In fact, it had its brand name stamped on it. Actually, the cookie was perhaps better than the rest of the food. The waitress came to my table (I was the only one in the teashop) without a menu and asked me, 'What do you want?' Err.. huh? I have been there several times hoping that my few experiences were flukes. Unfortunately, they were not.

  • Golden Tea Garden


    Just an OK tea room. Could make an effort when it come to their food and service. Have been there quite a few times over the past few years and nothing seems to have changed.

  • Lovejoy's Tea Room


    Lovejoy's a great place to visit for an afternoon tea experience. The food, tea and service are excellent. The only problem is often trying to find a parking spot close enough with enough time to spare. It might be best to take local transportation to give you enough time to relax over your tea experience. There is also an excellent shop across the street that sells all sorts of tea accessories such as place card holders, tea cozies and more.

  • Camellia Tea Room


    It always is a fun place to visit. The food, service and teas are excellent. Since it is a small place, be sure to make a reservation before you go there. though parking is on the street, you can almost always find a space within block from the tea shop. There are also several nice antique stores within walking distance.

  • The Garden Court


    Wonderful afternoon tea experience.! The Garden Court is a gorgeous setting . The afternoon tea and foods are delicious and the service is perfect. It is a 'must go experience' for any tea lover.

  • Teance


    Unpleasant place to visit. Teas are expensive. Accessories are overpriced. Owner is unfortunately rude and snobbish. It is as if she feels that most customers are ignorant of what quality teas are and it shows in her attitude. Love tea shops but after 2 visits here, I would never go back. It is not a English tea shop but rather a place where you can sample small cups of tea at believe $1/cup.

  • Captain's Cottage


    Captain's Cottage closed quite a few years ago.

  • August Tea Room


    I'll truly miss having afternoon tea at August Tea Room. The tea room was beautifully decorated, the service warm and friendly and the meals awesome. More importantly, Letty was a wonderful hostess/owner who treated you as if you were a special guest in her home.

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