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Madison Hawkins   

User's reviews

  • Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe


    Stepping out of the bus onto the sidewalk, where the girls strutted down a small flowered path in their high heels, and the men floated in their suites down the cement in a rush to hold the door open for us ladies to come passing through. I could feel the excitement building in the air, because just one glance at this life size doll house was a dream come true for any young lady looking for a place to go with all her friends. You instantly felt welcomed before the staff had even come in sight by the cutely placed decorations, all matching the feeling of summer coming around the corner, there was a smell of wild flowers that sent all my sensations in a whirl pool, especially when I stepped through the chic, antique white door where a burst of homemade scones in the kitchen filled the little cottage. To the left was a metal railed spiral staircase, that swirled your way up to three big sitting rooms, all different themes; each one adorable in their own way. If you went back down the stairs, and walked straight, there were tables set for groups of two to four, just as inviting as the upstairs. When my group had sat down in the room filled with pink and lace, and all things girly, we all noticed the silverware. Brass colored, with flowers imprinted on the handles. Tea cups covered in daisies, roses, and any flower you can think of. We sat there and all started saying how much other family members would enjoy this experience. Birthday parties, Mother’s Day, a place to have a nice conversation. We were left mind blown and we hadn’t even had the food or tea yet. The service was spectacular, we were greeted by a lovely girl who was very polite, and helped us with whatever our hearts desired. When she had brought up our food and tea all mouths had dropped open. Tea flavors I had never heard of were being poured into our cute little vintage tea cups such as, huckleberry vanilla, cranberry, and caramel. All tasting like a delegacy in liquid form. The food was served on a tray that was fit for a princess; and the food tasted as good as it smelled. A huge Applause for Laura Henegar for making melt in my mouth scones, desserts, and sandwiches. Some of the best I’ve tasted in the city. Also, huge thanks to Dawn Kiki, for being so polite, and kind to our huge group that had come, and the same goes to Melanie Lenhart. Overall, this place is a must go, I give it a 5 out of 5 star rating on staff, food, cleanliness, and being unique. I had the best time, and hope to return soon.

    Tearoom response:

    It was wonderful for us to see all of you so dressed up and we could tell that you were really going to make the most of your experience. We had a lovely time serving you!