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User's reviews

  • Belladonna Gift Boutique and Tea Room


    My dear friend and I enjoy trying out different tea houses all over Southern California. My favorite tea house used to be in Chatsworth but they closed during the recession. I also enjoy the Vintage Tea Leaf in Long Beach which also closed! So we gave this tea house a try as it is so highly rated. The food was delicious and the owner attentive. I would gladly return. As to the poster that mentioned prayer in her review. As an atheist, I knew this tea owner was Christian and I don't mind that at all. In fact what better way to join forces than a Christian woman serving Atheists? Awesome. I would return to this tea house.

  • Vintage Tea Leaf


    This tea house is really wonderful. Not just the warm scones delivered to you fresh out of the oven, but the tasty sandwiches and the variety of teas they offer. This place should have 100 reviews all raving about it. They are also much much reasonable than other tea houses in LA.

  • Rose Tree Cottage


    I am truly amazed this place stays open. I can only assume out-of-towners who know no better -and people who enjoy S&M and being abused return to this 'tea house.' I have been to this tea house twice. My favorite event occured when my friend and I finished are sandwiches and the waiter replied 'Wow, you must have been hungry.' The complete disdain and rude manner in which the owners show people who are PAYING THEIR BILLS is truly disgusting. Seriously - pass this place up and go to the Huntington or the Gilded Rose Manor in Granada Hills. These people truly and honestly give Brits a bad name.

  • Huntington Tea Room


    The Huntington is the best of tea houses not only for its price but its location. Located on the grounds of the beautiful Huntington gardens it is worth the visit. Always reserve your table then spend the rest if the afternoon looking at the Japanese, Australian or rose gardens. The tea is served at the table but there is also a buffet which includes cheeses, fruit and cake. Excellent and recommended.

  • Victoria Rose Cottage


    My friend and I went to this tea house when it first opened up. The food was delicous and the decor lovely. However, one of the owners/manager was showing some people around the tea house and being very loud while we were sitting right there having our tea. It was a large group and they never sat down to eat - just wandered around. Ummm - you couldn't do this before or after hours? It was also very pricey for Clovis. For two people - the afternoon tea came to over $60 with tip. I have been to tea houses all over California - and this was on the high end. I would give this tea house another chance only because the food was VERY good and the decor truly special. But I would caution the owner/manager to treat people respectfully and graciously at all times.