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Raychel (Vacaville, CA)   

User's reviews

  • Linde Lane Tearoom


    Based on all of the reviews I read prior to visiting this tea room...I was excited. What I found however, was lackluster and extremely disappointing. I have been going to formal afternoon tea as long as I can remember with my mother and grandmothers...and I guess my standards must be different from everyone else's. To start...the venue is too large. A tea experience should be intimate and delicate...not over decorated, tacky and merchandized. There was an attempt at a victorian style...but the giant Disneyland tea cup made into a booth ruins that right away. Not to mention the complete lack of taste in most of the attempt at interior design. Our server was friendly, but not very familiar with the menu and we had to ask for the soup course, which came with the 'Royal' tea. The tea selection was average and when we received our tea it was not loose, but in pre-made bags. The tea pots were adorned with ughly fire hydrant shaped dog tags on chains that listed what flavor of tea was in the pot. The first course was 'sorbet', which was essentially store bought rainbow sherbet and a shortbread cookie. Next we were served cold, plain scones with NO DEVOSHIRE/CLOTTED CREAM but instead a sweetened type of cream cheese (similar to cheesecake filling) and a 1/4 tsp of jelly. Scones are served with clotted exceptions! I was appauled to find cream cheese. The sandwiches were horrible. The worst I've ever had. They had limited selection, and the bread was poor quality, dry and still had the crust on it. There was a traditional cream cheese and cucumber but it was on a dry mini muffin and the cucumber was sliced much too thickly and there was NO FLAVOR or herbs. One 'open-faced' sandwich had a slice of turkey sandwich meat (yes, like a cold cut) and a slice of swiss cheese that our served described as parmesean. There was a cheddar and olive combo that was nothing more than grated cheese mised with chunks of green olives and mayo. The sweets were nothing special...some store bought biscotti and a 'key lime tar' that was lime flavored cream cheese fillling (yes more cream cheese) piped onto a store bought shortbread cookie. The fresh fruit on the top tier was a few grapes, blackberries and pieces of kiwi. The presentation was so doilies or mint leaves and the grapes werent even left on the vine for serving. The soup was 'tomato bisque' which tasted like it was from a can and could have very weel been watered down pasta sauce. But if you decide to visit this disaster of a tea can pay a low price of $24 for one Royal Tea. For similar prices I would travel the extra 30-40 miles to Benicia and visit the Camellia Tea Room. ALthough small, that place knows what afternoon tea is all about. Their food and tea is amazing! I will NEVER return to Lind Lane. The atmosphere seemed to cater to geriatric, tacky old women who think it's acceptable to wear a velour sweatsuit with a goofy Kentucky Derby style hat and sit in a giant tea cup.