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Reba in Pleasanton   

User's reviews

  • The English Rose Tea Room and Gifts


    I am so happy that Pleasanton has a little place like this. I've been a regular for two years, and bring with me or refer anybody I possibly can. The only thing that I have been disappointed in is that somewhere alone the line, the price for the Queen's Tea didn't increase, but the number of savories did. Nonetheless, I enjoy going each month to see what the new menu is. As for Lisa's christian theme and support for a pregnancy center, I fail to understand how any educated, well-bred individual who is not a bigot or hypocrite can claim to be 'offended.' Also, you cannot with honesty and integrity say that you are 'pro-choice' when what you are objecting to is a choice that some girls and women have made to proceed with a pregnancy. Clearly that is a no-choice-but-abortion individual parading about as a 'pro choice' individual. a wolves among sheep? Get over yourself. People that decide to continue with an unplanned pregnancy and see it through for themselves or see it through to adoption are entitled to that choice rather than choosing abortion, and they need just as much, or more, loving, kind support as those who enter those locations who tell you that they are safe places for making a choice, but when you walk in, there is actually only one choice. The place is a tea room, for crying out loud, not a political forum. The owner has simply been kind and generous enough to donate funds to a group who actually are helping people. There's no force, no implied 'donation required'. I've never been approached there--the statement that some of the profits help Shepherd's gate is there for you to know. Big deal.