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User's reviews

  • Past Tyme Tea Parlour


    This was a huge disappointment. I felt like I was being served tea in a child's playroom. The young waitress was nice but the older lady (owner?) did not help her at all even though several of us arrived at the same time. The lady stayed on the phone on a personal call and wouldn't help us. The young waitress didn't ask what type of food we wanted but, instead, just started bringing stuff out that we didn't ask for. I realized that I could not stay and pay for a full tea even though we had planned to do so. The food that was given to us was not good. Fruit plate consisted of diced apples sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, grapes, melon balls and a squirt of Redi-Whip in the center. Not good. The 'scone' was like an overcooked large Bisquick biscuit--the worst I had ever had. The waitress had no time to offer us more tea. Again, the atomosphere was seriously lacking--4 little tables crammed in the back of a store. It would be o.k. for a group of 5 year olds who wanted to play tea party. Lastly, I could not get my bill. The waitress had to do all of the food preparation and, again, the older lady was on more personal phone calls and did not bring us the bill as the waitress said she would. I had to go up front and wait for her to get off of her phone call in order to pay. I tipped the waitress as I felt sorry for her having to take orders, serve food and tea and do all food preparation herself. She was sweet and should work for a more professional establishment.

    Tearoom response:

    Ms. Sara, Thank you for your comments. Past Tyme Tea Parlour as well as other tea parlours are not for everyone. Our dining area has seated up to 30 guests with no compliants. Guests who have had tea with us truly enjoyed our atmosphere of 'cozy and homelike' decor as well as the 'tea-size' portions of fruits, sandwiches and desserts. We do not serve large food portions. I guess if you are looking for that you may want to try a chain restaurant. When your reservation was made it was determined at that time what type of tea menu you and your guests would be having therefore the food selection should not have been a surprize or in your case a disappointment. As for the 'personal' telephone calls, no one should really judge as to whether it was a family emergency trying to be resolved. I have been to hundreds of establishments where the host/hostess' have been on the telephone and I never judge them because it may be me one day trying to get assistance to a hurt family/friend. I would highly recommend you try other tea parlours to find that perfect one for you. Again, thank you.

  • Chado Tea Room


    Very relaxing. Staff are unpretentious and welcoming. Food is delicious and portions are generous. Prices are incredibly reasonable--an excellent value.