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Sara DiGeorge   

User's reviews

  • Tea On The Tiber


    This is a very poor 'tea room'. When I visited last month with my sister-in-law from London, we were only offered to choose ONE tea, served in the most sloppy and unappetizing manner I have ever seen - I was given a cracked pot with a tea bag in it and then directed by my server to remove the bag and place it on a dish above my fork. Taking tea NEVER should include having your guests fish out a large, wet, open tea bag and leaving it on the table in full view. What 'British' tea room serves tea that hasn't even been properly steeped? This is NOT a restaurant or even a proper tea room - this is a small-time operation in a decorating business. People who truly know quality food will agree. Tea connoisseurs beware!

    Tearoom response:

    We usually appreciate the feedback we receive from our guests. We value constructive criticism and utilize it as a tool and resource to improve on what we, and many of our loyal patrons, believe is already a delightful Afternoon Tea experience. However, there becomes a point where a line is crossed and the feedback given is not only untrue but also mean, hurtful and nasty. Perhaps the issue lies with the writer of this review and not with our establishment as we have had the pleasure of serving nearly 9,500 patrons in 2007.