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Sharon Hart  

User's reviews

  • Dr. Bombay's underwater tea party


    The worst tearoom I have ever been to of many, many all over the world. Very heavy emphasis on sweets. Decor is shabby with many torn paper umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. As part of a large group, it was noticed we were served less food than other smaller groups. For example, a party of two were each given a small egg salad sandwich and a small pimento cheese sandwich while our group only got one or the other. Additionally, the way the food was served was disproportionate with some getting more than their share and four people getting nothing. Their solution was given with a very poor attitude: scones and the left overs from the other tables were boxed up. Something the Board of Health might not approve of. We were told things were made up ahead and nothing could be done. Meanwhile quiches sat in their case to be sold to the public. Much could have been solved by better communication by the staff. The worst part was the attitude of the person we assume was in charge. It wasas if she blamed the four who rreceived no food for causing the problem and expected them to be okay with the fact they had no food although they paid the same as everyone else. BTW I have never given any tea room a poor review but this one deserves it on so many levels.

  • Cozy's Tea Room


    This restaurant is now closed.

  • Lavender Patch Bed & Breakfast and Tearoom


    I have attended several tea events put on by owner Marian Miller. Do you like absolutely exquisite presentation? Delicious food? Friendly service? Beautiful atmosphere? If so, please do not delay coming here for tea.

  • Carriage House Tea Room


    This place WAS excellent, but unfortunately for all of us, it is now closed. We loved you, Mary!

  • Lady Bug Tea Room


    I just couldn't let some of these negative comments go by without claifying them. I am an employee at the Lady Bug Tea Room as well as the head of The Royal-tea Club, ( Millie absolutely does not use unpastuerized cream to make her clotted cream. I have had to pick it up for her at times. It comes from the Apple Valley Creamery and is both pastuerized and homogenized. As for the tea bags, they are absolutely not commercial tea bags. I have spent many hours making up tea bags for the tea room. She purchases empty bags, which we fill with her tea blends, and then iron shut. I am sure, if you wish to see them, Millie would be glad to show the loose teas to you. As for the decor - this seems to be such a cheap shot. Every tea room is unique and has it's own specialness. Millie has received so many favorable comments about her decor. It's a shame to comment so negatively if it is not to your particular taste. I know for a fact how hard Millie works to make your visit special. It's one thing to write negative comments when they are true, but a whole different thing when they aren't and seem to be simply malicious. I can't sit by and let her be slandered when it is not true.

  • Hopsewee Plantation


    On a recent visit to Myrtle Beach, some friends and I discovered an ad for this new tea room and decided to try it, along with the tour of the Historic Hopsewee home. I am so very glad we did. The owner, Raejean, was such a gracious and delightful hostess. And the food - absolutley a fabulous! I have been to about 100 tearooms so it is difficult to come up with something new for me, but Reajean succeeded. She even accommodated my allergy to tree nuts. I strongly urge you to try this place. You will find hospitality, history, and delicious food, all in one stop!

  • Higinbotham's Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room


    What a delightful experience! This is a traditional style tea room where the food was delicicious, the decor charming, and our host and hostess were warm and friendly in spite of dealing with a larger group. Although only three teas were offered, they were all very good. Each food item we were served was delicious and left me wanting more. Not because there wasn't enough, but because it was so good. I highly recommend this wonderful addtion to this area's tea room venues.

  • Anna's Tea Room


    I have had tea at this lovely home several times. Each time, as I walked to the front door, I was warmly greeted outside by Brenda. I have always felt like I was a special friend visiting in her home rather than a paying customer. She gladly has given me her recipes, and I have seen others leaving with fresh cut flowers and herbs after admiring those in her gardens. The food has always been excellent. That pork loin cooked in apple juice made me want to lick my plate! Once, a friend I was with said she just had to bring her husband here becasue it was like a gourmet restaurant. I have never had a bad experience here. A delightful host and hostess, warm atmosphere and wonderfully delicious food. What more can you ask?

  • Millie Liberatore


    This is, by far, one of the nicest tea rooms I have ever been to, and I have been to many. ALL the food is made from scratch, even the clotted cream (real clotted cream)and her hand blended tea blends. Millie goes out of her way to make everything wonderful, relaxing and tasty, just as a fine tea should be. Everything I have had there is exceptional. I doubt if you'll find better. Best of Luck in your new venture, Millie.