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User's reviews

  • Manna Cafe Tea Room


    This is less of a tea room and more of a deli/store front that has 3-4 tables set up for lunch service and/or tea. For a comparable price, other rooms have given us a much better experience of a holiday tea. The citrus chamomile I chose had virtually no citrus flavor, until I added a lemon wedge. The first course, a crab quiche was tasty but hot, almost too hot to eat right away. The sandwiches were a real disappointment -- only two varieties, made on the same bread, basically two regular sized sandwiches with their crusts trimmed and cut into strips. They had little flavor. The best part of the meal was the cranberry scone, which was served with dessert. My dining companion received a fruitcake scone - not appealing. The other dessert choices were unimpressive. Perhaps the fact that this business is for sale contributes to its lackluster presentation.