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Tamara Schlyper   

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    I 100% stand by what we stated happend at your tea room. The fact that you would rather- yet again- scold us on a public forum instead of politely explaining what was happening at the shop proves what was really happening. We never knew of anyone waiting on us. We never knew of the 1.5 hour seating time. And as soon as you came over to tell us 'how sorry you were that we were so late and that someone was waiting' we NEVER complained. We weren't aware that for $120 we needed to closely monitor our watches. But once we were informed, we made no complaints. The complaints came when we left after you proceeded to make us feel like total trash for taking up your time and space. We immediately left your room. I have no desire to get in a sparring match with you on Teamap. I gave my accurate review and I stand by it. That's great that you've have so many positive reviews- I simply gave mine and it was certainly negative. Thank you and if you have any further issues with us that you'd like to address, please call or email. You have our infomation.

    Tearoom response:

    Out of 26 reviews you and friend Molly Heinisch are the only ones to be upset about your experience.

    You had a 1:30 reservation, you arrived at 1:45. We allow 1.5 hours per seating. We had a group coming at 3:00 who we had to call to tell we may be running a little late. We still let you stay until 3:15 which is an hour and half. The group coming in had to wait another 15 minutes while we cleaned up after your group. This made the next group's Tea start 30 minutes after their reservation time. How's is that fair to them? Your attitude and behavior was WRONG and is very rude and inconsiderate for others who were coming ON TIME to enjoy the experience. Most tea rooms do the same thing allowing 1.5 hours per seating, many have fixed seating times and won't even seat you if you are late.

    As far as us allowing more time for seating, you needed to allow yourself more time to get here. Everyone today with the exception of your group arrived before their reservation time and we had 3 full seatings.

    You were 15 minutes late not 10. The place was never empty, we had an 18 top coming in, if it was 'empty' we wouldn't care how long you stayed. I did not say you have 'greatly inconvenienced' the next group. I called the next group to let them know we were running late and they were OK with that, that's why we let you stay until 3:15.

    All I ever said is we have another group scheduled and there is not time for another pot of tea. How this equates to being 'Scolded' is beyond me. This has gotten blown way out of proportion. Nobody was getting out their wallets when you were ordering more tea.

    You never walked over to talk to me to apologize for 'ruining the time frame'. All you did is yell across the tearoom as you were walking out the door. I never said anything about you not being able to tell time, losing track of time or that I was so sorry for you being 'so late'. I don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth that weren't said.

    This supposed quote '(AND I QUOTE 'I'm so sorry that you were SO LATE to your tea. I'm just really sorry you lost track of time.')' Was never stated by me, I stated you started late but I never said anything about you losing track of time or being 'So Late'. Nor did I know anything about making someone cry until you were yelling at me as you were walking out the door, disrupting the rest of our guest. You say in this review that you never complained about being 'shooed away', that's all you were doing and you have continued to complain here on TeaMap.

    The bottom line here is you are upset because we had to ask you to leave for our next reservation. So you decided to take it out on us in the Tea Room and on TeaMap.

    Sorry to hear you or your friends won't be able to come and enjoy our 'fantastic food' and 'wonderful service'.