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User's reviews

  • The English Rose Tea Room and Gifts


    Like many people who visit this site, I enjoy having tea many times a year and at different places. I think this is the prettiest tea house that I have visited. I liked the seating areas that they have arranged, I didn't feel that it was crowded, although it may be for large groups. The service was fantastic and the food was good. I was a little dissapointed with the tea. My friend and I both chose teas that had a strange aftertaste. We didn't complain because it wasn't a big deal. It was enjoyable, just not as delicious as some places. Our server asked if we needed re-fills and asked if we wanted to try a different tea. We chose a different tea and noticed the odd flavor again. I don't know if it is a storage issue, the brand of tea, the nature of the teas we chose or something else. I definately enjoyed the opportunity to try different teas - I actually tried four teas in all. I feel the tea is the most important part of the experience, so that aspect was a disspointment, but overall I thought this place was great and I would go back without hesitation.

  • The Tuck Box


    I can't imagine a cuter cottage to enjoy an afternoon tea. Too bad the owners don't know what an afternoon tea is. What a disappointment. If you are in Carmel and want a nice tea service, walk a couple of blocks to the Carriage Hotel. I enjoyed tea in their patio next to a warm fire place. Tasty sandwiches, somewhat limited tea, but very pleasant overall.

  • Lovejoy's Tea Room


    My sisters and I started our morning with tea at Lovejoys. We had reservations for the first seating of the day. We waited excitedly outside until they opened and were seated immediately at a cute table and given menus. We had fun deciding on the sandwiches and other treats. They offer many interesting choices for sandwiches and other food, and the tea selection is huge! We had a few questions about the food and our server was happy to answer them. We had more questions about the tea. She was very helpful and spent alot of time explaining the differences in teas and suggested a special vanilla tea that they had for the day. It was delicious! Each of us ordered a different tea and we shared, but her suggestion was the BEST! The tea is loose leaf and served in a variety of tea pots. You may get something old fashioned or something very contemporary. The food was presented on a tall serving tower and looked very pretty. The food was very tasty, fresh and authentic. Many of the condiments, such as the clotted cream, come from England. The food was just like what I enjoyed in Ireland and Scotland. I live an hour south of San Francisco, one sister lives in SF and my other sister lives an hour north of SF. This was a special day for just the girls and we were so happy with Lovejoys. Nothing beats a hot cup of tea on a foggy San Francisco day.