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A. Miller   

User's reviews

  • Angelina's


    I stopped by Angelina's again for my fav Vanilla Rooibois. It's just divine. There is another tropical flavored black tea with purple flowers....can't remember the name but it makes wonderful iced tea! I love reading reviews; it helps locals and visitors navigate which tearoom or tea shop to visit. Is it worth my time, effort, and gas? There is a distinctive difference between a tearoom and a tea shop. I would definitely say Angelina's is moreso a tea shop where you can purchase tea, drink tea, converse about tea, purchase the tea 'doo-dads', and most of all sample something you would not ordinarily try. No, tea is not exactly 'served' at Angelina's; but he is offering a more functional purpose. The practice of making a fulfilled cup of tea at home, or in the office or even as a gift. Just thought I'd put in another great review to vindicate Angelina's....especially after the review below. If you know what to expect, your expectations are already met...this is why teamap is greatly appreciated.

  • Emerald Necklace Inn Tea Room


    Emerald Necklace Tea Room was fantastic! It was just what the doctor ordered after our group had been training all week. The server was accommodating, music was soothing and the food was delicious! This was truly a tea room EXPERIENCE. We were there for about 2.5 hours (of course we had a group of six). The portions were generous and we had time to digest our food in between the servings. What I enjoyed best about Emerald Necklace were the tea warmers. Most tea rooms only have the tea cozies. My tea was still steaming hot after 1 hour and 15 minutes. Also, they actually had sugar cubes with thongs...not a sugar bowl with a contaminated spoon OR sugar packets (so impersonal).I can't say enough about Emerald Necklace. All of my colleagues enjoyed their experience and several were 'tea room virgins'. Needless to say...they are hooked. I only hope that every other tea room they encounter will be as pleasant as Emerald Necklace. If you are ever visiting Cleveland (they are not far from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame) this is a wonderful experience. We loved it! Great job Gloria!

  • The Pegg House Tea Room


    Th Pegg House Tea Room is easily one of the best tea rooms in the triad. The location is great, the atmosphere is quaint, the service is awesome and the food is wonderful. They offer an extended menu, so if you have a hearty appetite they will accomodate you. Their tea menu was sufficient and the scones are just wonderful! If you visit order the Pegg House Tea: the portions are generous. I happen to enjoy the Rooibos Safari Harvest. If you have a group, you may want to call for reservations. I have been twice and it is officially on my 'Take Someone To A Special Place' list. I have already adjusted my exercise routine just so I can include their scones in my diet! Ask for Jessica and she will take care of you!

  • Jewel Day Spa, Boutique, and Tea Room


    The Jewel Tea Room's ambiance is perfect for a catered tea and the porch is just divine! It gives you a sense of country and it's wonderful for people watching while sipping on a cup. The menu is a little limited b/c they focus more on spa amenities; the owners are great and accomodating. If you make reservations I think they may be able to get a better selection. I think it has alot of potential...give it a try and finish off that cup of tea with a body wrap or pedicure!