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Briana Dupont   

User's reviews

  • Quintin's Tea Emporium


    This place is more of a tea shop than a tea room; though there is a small room where tea and sometimes scones are served. But you can bring your own food in, which is a plus. The tea selection is vast, mostly whole leaf teas and a few bagged teas. Beautiful tea pots and cups were sold there, along with some great tea tins, and to-go infuser tea mugs. The décor is a British tea shop, and the atmosphere is slow and clam. There are only two flaws to this place, it doesn’t serve food, and there’s usually only one person working there. So, if you’re not the only customer you’re going to wait. It’s not a Starbucks; expect to spend some time there if you go.

  • Antique Outlet & Mitra'sTearoom


    The atmosphere is antique; it was hot and did not have good AC. But I sat right next to the fan and was fine. There was a good tea selection, and the food was good. The service was good, and the shop is big.

  • Garden Cottage Tea Room


    The Best Tea Room I Have Ever Been To!!! And I have been to many tea rooms. The food was great, even my husband liked it, and we were not hungry afterword. The tea was good, though there were not a whole lot of choses. The décor was beautiful, romantic and chic. The atmosphere was very versatile. I brought my husband there and he was not uncomfortable. I saw a young couple there too. But most of all, it’s a great place to bring your daughters or granddaughters to. The service was great, and best of all the cupcake were AMAZING! I most stress the fact that these were the best cupcakes I have ever had. I have traveled from Texas to Michigan and never had a cupcake this good. Simply, it is a must-have cupcake; I got the lemon tart filled cupcake with a blueberry cream cheese frosting. My husband got a vanilla something, both were amazing. I shall go to this tea room every time I visit my family in Texas.