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  • Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe


    I read the reviews for this place and wonder if my visit occurred in the Twilight Zone. My daughter and I visited this place in December. we'd always wanted to go to "high tea." The cottage had peeling paint everywhere, inside and out. It screamed "run down old house." The tea rooms are crammed with outdated, tacky pseudo-victorian decorations, each with a big price tag stuck right on the front. It felt like an indoor yard sale. The food was very disappointing and featured frozen eclairs and bite-size cream puffs that probably came from the grocery store freezer aisle. When we arrived, there was a very loud table of 8 women - we were seated right next to them, with only a sheer curtain to separate us. Nobody else was in place, but for some reason, we had to sit RIGHT THERE. We had to listen to them for over 30 minutes of our tea service time. I'm sure that they would have been reasonable and quieted down, had the server made them aware of our presence. But we were told that they would be "leaving soon" and basically we just had to tough it out. I wish I would have just taken my daughter out to lunch, for almost $60 we certainly could have found something better.

    Tearoom response:

    We are so sorry that you did not enjoy your visit with us Tina, please accept our deepest apologies. Since you made your reservation at short notice, we served the cream puff and eclair in addition to the Cottage made savories, scones and other desserts we served you as we did not have time to do the additional baking needed to give you a variety. Because we had the larger group already reserved, we booked you and your daughter out as late as we could so that the other group would be finished. We had no idea they would stay so far past their reservation time. Although your server did remind them of their deadline and they knew we had other guests, they were having so much fun opening gifts and enjoying their time together that they did not observe the time limit. We did seat you at the furthest table from the group as we could in the next room, as a precaution in case they did go over on their time. Again, we apologize that our other guests were too loud for you to enjoy your tea service with your daughter. We would like to offer you two complimentary High Tea services if you would like to give us another try. Again, please accept our sincere apologies.