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User's reviews

  • Chado Tea Room


    Even though my group's experience at Chado was fine in the beginning and middle, it ended in disaster. Unfortunately, that's what the hostess, guests and most importantly the celebrante will remember. The food served was nothing out of the ordinary. This wasn't the problem. Management has major scheduling issues and lacked knowing how to handle situations like ours in an appropriate manner. There was nothing appropriate about how our experience ended. Our bridal shower was perfect to begin w/. We were able to 'set-up' (something I confirmed twice!) 30 minutes prior to our actual party start time). There was NO OTHER patrons there when we began to do this. We had a party of 28 so we needed an adequate amount of time which we got and appreciated until we were later informed this time was to be included in our overall time limit. Something that was not conveyed to us BOTH the times myself and the Maid of Honor confirmed the date, time (beginning and end), and set-up arrangements. I bring this up because the person that had booked our party booked us from 11:30 to 2pm (w/ set up at 11am per confirmations). We did not know nor did we find out about another large party being schduled right after us at 1:30pm until the bride to be was opening her gifts!!!! As the bride opens her gifts and as the guests play 'Gift Bingo' another party comes in to set up. This pretty much RUINED our ENTIRE experience. It did NOT help that the other group had no manners or class as they stared us down and made rude comments about us having to hurry. Nevermind we were trying to make a memorable a wonderful experience for our Bride-to-Be. So our group of strong-minded women had to make a scene prior to leaving which made the bride-to-be unhappy that we had to deal w/ the whole dilema. It also did not help that management tried to blame US, THE PATRON for coming too early when we clearly confirmed TWICE what would be the earliest time to set up. He claimed that because we got there at 11am that it should have ended at 1:30pm even though our reservations (confirmed w/ the waitress) stated 11:30am to TWO O'clock!!!!! I also believe that the hostess there that day (6/25/06) was friends w/ the rude and incosiderate party after us and allowed them to stand there and gawk at us even though they were told to wait outside. This obviously was not our party's fault!!! Bad management, bad scheduling, and unclear instructions will keep myself, the bride and our entire party of 27 from EVER returning to that place!

  • The English Rose Tea Room and Gifts


    Having tea at The English Rose was a wonderful experience. A group of 6 of us went for a birthday and we all enjoyed ourselves. After reading some of the comments from others I think that the someone took note. Because of that I felt our group benefited. We had fabulous service (although I have to mention there were only 2 other groups there). She took her time and made sure everything was to our liking. Other highlights include the hot lavendar scented towel prior to the meal (I haven't been to a tea place that provided this so that was a treat!), the music was perfect for the occasion, the quiche, the decor was lovely, and she went around the table w/ lotion after the meal. The overall experience was memorable and I will definately consider this place for future parties. Having to provide the deposit was something I hadn't done for the other tea parties I've thrown, but it is a small quaint place so I understand the percaution they take for cancellations.